Santhwanam, September 29, 2021, Written Update: Jayanthi pays an unexpected visit to Santhwanam

Updated on Sep 30, 2021 12:35 AM IST  |  70.9K
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As the episode starts, Devi tells Ambika how happy they are to see her as Aparna was talking about how she is missing her family. Lakshmi tells Ambika there is no need to keep hatred for each other. Ambika asks Hari if he didn’t go to the store today and Hari stutters and tells her they just came back for breakfast. Devi asks Ambika to stay for lunch and Aparna takes her mother to her room.

Ambika advises Hari to find a job suitable for his qualification. Hari tells Ambika how they were planning to visit her but they didn’t because of Thambi. Ambika tells them how much Thambi adored Aparna as she had his mother’s face and he was shattered when she left them, that’s the reason Thambi is mad at her. As Hari leaves, Ambika asks Aparna if she is fine with the conditions of this house. Aparna tells her how she is being loved by everyone in the family.

Shiva who shied away earlier from Ambika, comes face to face with her and Ambika clears the air between them and tells him not to worry about what all happened. Balan arrives and expresses his gratitude towards Ambika for visiting Aparna. Jayanthi makes an unexpected visit to Santhwanam.

Everyone is upset about Jayanthi's arrival and Anju takes Jayanthi to her room and asks her to stay away from them. Jayanthi gets mad at Anjali as she trashes her with Shiva’s issue. Jayanthi angrily tells her she doesn’t need her permission to visit Santhwanam as she too is a relative of their family. As the episode ends, Anju reminds her that she is just being tolerated by the family because of her.

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