Santhwanam, September 8, 2021, Written Update: Aparna is forced to stay on the job

Published on Sep 08, 2021 05:59 PM IST  |  80.7K
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Santhwanam, September 8, 2021, Written Update: Aparna is forced to stay on the job

As the episode starts, Hari tries to tell Aparna how she should be behaving at an office. She talks of quitting the job, but Hari reminds her how hard it was for her to get the job.

At home, Kannan and Devi are at the sit-out and they see Aparna coming home. Aparna is all tired and Kannan mocks her and asks her why she is so tired if she is in the A/C cabin with nothing to do other than signing papers. She gets mad at Kannan and tries to explain how much mental strain her work requires. Devi talks of how she misses Anjali and Aparna these days and Aparna takes this opportunity to ask if she should quit the job and help her in household work. Devi tells her how proud she is of Aparna. She tells how proud she should be to call herself a working woman and how she once hoped to get a job and couldn’t.

As Jayanthi is about to leave, she tells Savithri that they will have to find out what’s going on between Anju and Shiva. She tries to put the entire blame on Devi and reminds Savithri how she insulted her in the past.

Santhwanam family plans to visit Aparna to see how she is doing at the office and Aparna fears whether they will embarrass her. Shiva comes back home late again and he tells everyone he met his friend on the way. They ask him about Anjali and he avoids conversation just like every day.

Shankaran again tries to find out what’s going on with Anjali and she tells him nothing. As the episode ends, he tries to blame himself, and he believes he’s the reason she had to marry someone she didn’t like.

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