Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Written Update August 9, 2019: Bhide seeks help from Tappu

In the latest episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah we see how Bhide and Madhavi seek help from Tappu to get the internet working to book tickets to Ratnagiri
Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Written Update 9 August 2019: Bhide seeks help from TappuTaarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Written Update 9 August 2019: Bhide seeks help from Tappu
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The episode starts with a recap of what happened in the last episode. Bhide tells Madhavi that the kids of the society have become indisciplined. Bhide is upset about when Tappu said he's missing Sonu. Madhavi wants to know what his problem actually is, is it about the ball hitting him or Tappu missing Sonu. Bhide takes a deep breath to control his anger. She tells him to change while she cleans up. Tappu Sena comes there and ask Madhavi to return the cricket kit. Madhavi tells them to go as Bhide is furious right now. They get in the house and they go to the balcony and hide as Bhide is returning after changing clothes. Bhide asks Madhavi  if Tappu Sena had come. She says that they didn't and just then Bhide realizes that he left his mobile phone in his soiled kurta. She tells him to take it out before it's put for washing. As he goes to get the phone, Tappu Sena escapes from the balcony. Bhide gets a call from Madhavi's brother. They enquire about each other. Her brother tells them that Sonu is in Ratnagiri. They both get shocked to know it. They ask Madhavi's brother how Sonu got to Ratnagiri.

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Madhavi wants to speak to Sonu but her brother tells her that Sonu has gone to the temple and will later have fun the rest of the day. Madhavi tells Bhide that they should also go to visit Ratnagiri. Bhide tells her that it will be raining heavily and hence they should not go. Madhavi gets upset with the excuses that Bhide is giving her. Bhide tells her that they both will got Ratnagiri and get Sonu back. Madhavi tells him that they will give them surprise. They decide to take a lot of things from Mumbai for them. Bhide tries to book tickets but the internet doesn't work. Madhavi suggests to speak to Tappu to get the internet working. Bhide gets upset with this suggestion. He denies speaking to Tappu. Bhide says that he will go to the railway station and book tickets. Madhavi tells him that he is egoistic and won't take help from Tappu. She tells him that they are kids just like Sonu. He says that Sonu is a well behaved kid unlike Tappu. Madhavi tells that she will speak to Tappu. She calls Tappu and tells her that she needs help with the setup.

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She tells him to come home to help her. Tappu is skeptical about coming home as Bhide will be there. Tappu Sena tells Tappu not to go as it could be planned by Bhide to slam him. Tappu says he needs to go to which Pinku tells that all of them will go. Bhide tells Madhavi that he will shout at Tappu first and then seek help. Tappu apologizes to Bhide. Tappu blames Goli and he blames Gogi. Madhavi tells Bhide that they have learnt a lesson and not to shout at them. Tappu Sena accepts that they won't repeat the mistake. Madhavi tells him to help them to book tickets for Ratnagiri. Madhavi tells Tappu Sena that they are going Ratnagiri to get Sonu back. Tappu gets happy hearing that they are going to get Sonu back. Bhide tells them not to inform Sonu that they are coming to pick her. Tappu tells the rest of them that they should also go. Bhide and Goli get into a minor argument. Tappu finally gets the internet working.

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