Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah February 6, 2019 written update: Jethalal gets arrested for stealing

Jethalal gets angry at Bhagha and Nattu Kaka for purchasing a stolen phone.
Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah February 6, 2019 written update: Jethalal gets arrested for stealingTaarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah February 6, 2019 written update: Jethalal gets arrested for stealing
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The episode starts with a quick peek into what happened in the last episode. Tappu sena accompanies Yadav to the cyber cell where they can track Gogi's phone. The cyber cell officer calls Gogi's mobile network provider and get the IMEI number of the phone. Inspector Pandey tells Yadav to initiate mobile tracking of the phone. Yadav comes back and says that they are not able to track the phone. Gogi gets restless and asks Inspector Pandey if he will get his phone back. Inspector Pandey tells him that if the phone is in Mumbai they will get it today else it will be difficult. Inspector Pandey swears not eat until he finds the phone. In the meantime Nattu kaka and Bhagha are still speculating if there is any problem with the phone as Montu sold a new condition for just 5k. Bhagha explains to Nattu kaka that it's a new trend with kids where they sell their old phones to buy the latest phones. Meanwhile, Jethalal walks in the store with the cheque book. He gets a call from Babitaji but before he can answer, Bhagha accidentally spills tea on his phone.

Jethalal gets furious as he has to make a few urgent calls. Nattu kaka suggests Jethalal to use the phone they purchased from Montu. As soon as Jethalal's SIM card is put in the phone, the phone gets tracked. Jethalal calls Babitaji and narrates why he was not able to answer her phone call. Babitaji requests Jethalal to get a phone charger in the evening. Inspector Pandey instructs Yadav to go and nab the phone theif and put him behind bars. Now that the phone is tracked, Inspector Pandey and staff along with Tappu sena decide to feast on the tiffin. Goli finishes the jalebi sent by Inspector Pandey's wife. Tappu sena share a mild laugh with the staff and request inspector Pandey to deal with the phone theif in a stringent manner. In the meantime, Jethalal is after Bhagha to get his phone repaired. Just then, Jethalal gets a call from Taarak Mehta and Jethalal tells his situation to Taarak Mehta. The cops arrive at Jethalal's shop and Taarak Mehta can overhear the siren on the call. Jethalal tells him he will call him later as he has to check why the cops are at his store.



Inspector Yadav starts questioning Jethalal on him dealing in stolen phones. Jethalal tries to assure the cop that they only deal in factory sealed products. Inspector Yadav checks the IMEI number of phone and cross verifies with the IMEI given by Gogi's services provider. The IMEI numbers match and Jethalal is stunned. He gets angry at Nattu kaka and Bhagha on why they purchased a stolen phone. The cops arrest Jethalal and take him to the police station. The episode ends with Taarak Mehta thinking of how to get Jethalal out of this trouble.


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