Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah June 10, 2019 update: The milk thief caught

In the latest episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, we see how Sodhi catches the milk thief, however, the society members are shocked to know who it is
Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah June 10, 2019 update: The milk thief caughtTaarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah June 10, 2019 update: The milk thief caught
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The episode starts with Bhide wondering how the milk was robbed and they had to purchase it from Abdul. Just then Madhavi gets tea but Bhide refuses to have it as it's made from milk purchased from Abdul. He tells her that there is some connection between Abdul increasing the milk price and the milk robbery. He says that he suspects Abdul has robbed the milk. Madhavi says that she doesn't think Abdul would have robbed. He decides to speak to the society members. He meets Anjali in the premises and asks for Taarak Mehta. Bapuji notices that Bhide has not written the quote of the day and asks him the reason. Bhide tells him that he was tensed due to the milk robbery and forgot about the quote. Bapuji suggests him to keep calm in tensed situations. After writing the quote, Bhide expresses that he is still tensed and tells Bapuji that someone hasn't liked that they have started taking milk from Santosh. 

Bapuji asks whether he thinks it is Abdul. He suggests Bhide to confront Abdul instead of suspecting. They go to Abdul's shop and from a distance they see many customers lined up at his shop to purchase milk. Some of them say that milk has been robbed from their houses too. This stuns Bapuji and Bhide. Bhide decides to confront Abdul however Bapuji stops him. Popatlal runs to them giving them the news of the robbery in the nearby societies. Popatlal suggests calling for a meeting. Jethalal reaches him to store and Bagha and Nattu Kaka asks him about the robbery of the milk. He asks them how they got to know about the robbery. They tell him that Babita had called them since Jethalal's phone was off. Bagha tells him that she had called to inquire about the price of 32 inch TV. He calls Babita and tells her that she doesn't need to think of the price as he will give the TV at her price. She tells him that her friend wants the TV not her.

They discuss on the milk robbery and end the conversation. Nattu kaka tells him that he thinks it's a gang of cats responsible for the milk robbery. Jethalal disagrees. Bhide calls and tells Jethalal about the meeting in the evening for the milk robbery. Jethalal tells him if he feels like attending he will attend. That evening, all the members gather in the clubhouse for the meeting. Iyer is not present as he had office work and is unwell. Tappu Sena tells everyone that they will catch the milk thief. Jethalal and Taarak Mehta thinks that there won't be any robbery the next day however Sodhi and others don't want to take a chance. Taarak says they should adjourn the meeting and see if the milk gets robbed the next day. The following day, the milk thief is about to take milk from Iyer's house when he is caught by Sodhi. He calls everyone from the society and they all come to beat him up. Sodhi uncovers the shawl draped by the thief to reveal that it is Iyer. Everyone gets shell shocked

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