Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah June 12, 2019 update:Abdul & Iyer bust the synthetic milk racket

In the latest episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, we see how the Gokuldham residents team up to bust the artificial milk scandal.
Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah June 12, 2019 update:Abdul & Iyer bust the synthetic milk racketTaarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah June 12, 2019 update:Abdul & Iyer bust the synthetic milk racket
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The episode starts with Abdul showing the gents of Gokuldham society how the artificial milk is made. They get back to their original hiding place. They discuss that they will have to be very vigilant and careful. Sodhi asks Abdul if Santosh had any weapons the last time he saw him here. Abdul says he didn't see any weapons. Just then Santosh comes out talking on the phone. Sodhi suggests to catch hold of Santosh. The others suggest to wait for the police to arrive. Bapuji tells them that they haven't come here to fight and suggests to lock them inside. Just as they lock them inside Iyer trips over a barrel. Santosh and gang get alarmed. Santosh tries opening the door but is unable to. Finally, they reveal themselves and say that they have come here to catch him red-handed.

Santosh tells them to open the door but they tell him that the door will open only when the police arrive. Santosh and gang try to break open the door from inside when the police arrive. Iyer shows the police the laboratory report of artificial milk. The police try to open the door but it is locked from inside. The police are finally able to open the door. The police raids the place and all run helter-skelter. Santosh escapes from there however he is caught by the Gokuldham residents outside the room. Police come and arrest him and the gang members. The cops thank them and leave. The media reporters rush to a quote from the members. Popatlal asks them to ask Abdul as he was the one who pioneered it. Tappu Sena and the rest of the members watch live on TV. Bapuji and others present their views on the milk racket. They all get back to Gokuldham society where they are welcomed by the rest of the members. Dr. Haathi tells them how harmful artificial milk could have been. Everyone expresses concern over the production of synthetic milk. They discuss that there is no way of them telling whether the milk is real or synthetic. Jethalal asks how Iyer being a scientist was not able to tell the difference. Iyer tells them that because he didn't see the milk. Iyer shares how to tell the difference between real milk and a synthetic one.

Tappu also looks up online and shares some ways of finding out the difference. Bapuji expresses his gratitude towards Abdul and also apologizes to him on behalf of the Gokuldham society. Everyone apologizes to him. Abdul feels bad and is walking away. He tells them that when they all accused him of increasing the price of the milk he didn't feel bad however felt bad when they apologized. He felt as if they didn't think of him as his own family member. Everyone cheers for him and he invites everyone to enjoy Milk cold drink at his shop. Everyone has a gala time at his shop enjoying milk cold drink

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