Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah May 13, 2019 update: Babita goes missing giving Jethalal a scare

Today, in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, we see how Jethalal gets petrified when Babita is unreachable.
Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah May 13, 2019 update: Babita goes missing giving Jethalal a scareTaarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah May 13, 2019 update: Babita goes missing giving Jethalal a scare
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The episode starts with Jethalal going to buy vegetables. There is finds a lot of vegetable vendors however he decides to buy vegetables from an elderly vendor. The elderly gentleman tells him that he is just sitting there in place of his son. He goes to another vendor and reads out the list of vegetables he wants. The vendor asks Jethalal if he's got a bag to carry the vegetables. Jethalal asks him for a plastic bag to which the vegetable vendor says that plastic bags are banned. He hires a rickshaw to travel however the driver is riding the rickshaw slow which annoys Jethalal. The fare is Rupees 52 however the driver doesn't have change. Popatlal is passing by and Jethalal asks for rupees 2 from him.

Even Popatlal refuses to keep the change and looks for change to give back to Jethalal. Popatlal agrees to give the remaining money to him at the soda shop. Popatlal starts a series of questions about the dinner and the vegetables he bought. Popatlal asks who the guests are to which Jethalal says he himself is waiting to find out. Popatlal asks him to check with the guests if they have a suitable girl in mind for Popatlal for marriage. Bapuji is anxiously waiting for Babita to come for dinner preparation. Tappu assures him that she will come soon. Just then Jethalal arrives home. Bapuji is surprised to see him early and with vegetables. Bapuji tells him that Babita is not yet home. Jethalal decides to call Babita however she doesn't answer the calls. He decides to go to her house and fetch her. On his way a man asks him for an address. The address is incomplete hence Jethalal is unable to help him. He suggests him to ask someone else.

Jethalal reaches Babita's residence and rings the door bell however there is no answer. He thinks to himself that he will have to call for food from out. He is on his way home when Babita calls out to him. Jethalal is relieved to see her and asks her where she was. She tells him that she had gone to the market to buy mangoes. Jethalal is touched at this gesture. They both reach Gada residence where Bapuji is getting restless about where Jethalal is. Just then they arrive and Jethalal tells him about Babita's kind gesture of getting mangoes to make mango pulp. Tappu asks Jethalal if he got to know who the guests are. Jethalal tells him that they will only find out when they come for dinner. Tappu offers to help Babita in the kitchen to which Jethalal says that he will help her. Later Bapuji offers to help to which Jethalal says it will a shame for him to ask for help from his elderly father. Jethalal gives an apron to Babita to wear before she starts making food. They begin making food.

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