Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah October 11, 2019 Written Update: Jethalal decides not to play garba this year

In the latest episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah we see how Jethalal decides not play garba without Daya this year. Tappu and Bapuji also follow suit.
Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah October 11, 2019 Written Update: Jethalal decides not to play garba this yearTaarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah October 11, 2019 Written Update: Jethalal decides not to play garba this year
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The episode starts with a recap of what happened in the previous episode. Jethalal is sitting gloomy in his house on a sofa. He recalls all the moments spent with Daya. All the gents arrive at his residence and wish him on Navratri. They ask him why he didn't come for the meeting and also soda shop the previous day. Sodhi tells him not to hide anything from his friends. Popatlal and Bhide get into an argument. Dr. Haathi pacifies them. Sodhi tells Jethalal that he looks better when he's smiling. Jethalal tells them even he wants to smile however he tells them that he thought Daya would come back for Navratri. He says he spoke to Sunder and he feels Daya will not come for Navratri. Bapuji and Tappu arrive. Bhide tells them that they came to enquire about Jethalal.  Sodhi tells everyone that Jethalal's sadness is short lived and he will be fine by evening. Bapuji asks him what is in the evening. Sodhi tells them that in the evening Jethalal will play garba and will be fine. Jethalal tells them that he had decided not to play garba this year. Everyone is shocked hearing this. Tappu says that even he won't play garba this year. Jethalal urges him to play however he says that he won't like it if Jethalal coaxes him to play. Tappu says that he won't play garba without Jethalal and Daya.

Bapuji says that since no one from his family is playing then he won't play either. Bhide tell Jethalal not to take decisions being emotional but with positivity. Bhide tells him that he cannot give him permission to not play garba. Jethalal tells everyone that his decision is final. Dr. Haathi suggests to speak to their respective wives about the situation. Bagha, Bawari and Nattu Kaka are playing garba in the godown. Bagha tells Jethalal that they have received an invite for garba from Tappu hence they are practicing. Jethalal slams them for leaving the store at the supervision of Magan. He tells them to concentrate on work and there is no need to practice. Bagha asks him that Daya isn't coming for Navratri. Jethalal says who told him, to this Bagha replies his mood shows it. Bagha and Nattu Kaka tell him they sunder would have played a prank on him. Bawari suggests that they all play garba to uplift Jethalal's mood. Jethalal tells them too that he will not play garba this Navratri. He says that even Tappu and Bapuji also won't play garba. Jethalal asks them to get to work. Anjali asks Taarak Mehta that why has Jethalal taken such a decision.

She says that Jethalal is his best friend and he needs to think of a solution. Komal asks Dr. Haathi to think of something to make Jethalal play garba. Roshan also asks Sodhi to think of a solution to the situation. Sodhi and Gogi come up with a solution which Roshan doesn't approve of. Iyer and Babita also discuss about the situation. She asks Iyer to come up with a logical solution to make Jethalal play garba. Madhavi tells Bhide that he is a teacher and he can think of an idea to convince Jethalal to play garba. She asks Bhide to calm down and think of an idea with a calm mind. All the ladies meet to discuss the situation.  They think of calling Sunder and asking him to send Daya to Gokuldham to play garba. Anjali calls him and asks Sunder to make them speak to Daya. He says she is gone out with mother. Sunder assures them that Jethalal along with Tappu and Bapuji will play garba. Babita asks whether Daya will join them. Sunder tells them to start the preparation for Navratri. The ladies feel excited and are hopeful that Tappu, Bapuji and Jethalal will play garba. They all start playing garba

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