Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Written Update, October 22, 2019: Jethalal approaches Bhide for help

In the latest episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, we see how Jethalal approaches the secretary of the building to help him however in vain.
Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Written Update, October 22, 2019: Jethalal approaches Bhide for helpTaarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Written Update, October 22, 2019: Jethalal approaches Bhide for help
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The episode starts with a recap of what happened in the previous episode. Jethalal, Ghansukhbhai, and Bagha approach the secretary of the society for help with Iyer's flat. Bagha tells the secretary that when they rung the doorbell they heard a dog's bark and that Jethalal is afraid of dogs. The secretary identifies himself as Babu Kumar. Jethalal tells him that he had some work and the secretary invites them inside his house. Babu Kumar asks Jethalal for his birth date. He tells Jethalal that he has been told by Sri Ankeshwar Maharaj not to speak to the number 5 people. He tells  Jethalal that based on his numerology it was bound to happen. Jethalal explains his dilemma to him. He also introduces himself, Bagha and Ghansukhbhai. Babu Kumar tells him that he won't be able to help him. Jethalal pleads him for help. Babu Kumar explains to Jethalal through the way of numerology however he refuses to understand and asks him for the extra key of Iyer's flat. Babu Kumar refuses to state that he cannot give without the owner's permission. Babu Kumar again explains the concept by way of Numerology. Jethalal tells him to open the door and they will complete the work. Babu Kumar still refuses and Jethalal asks him to call Iyer. The number is switched off. Bagha says that there is only one option which is to move all the equipment in the godown. 

Jethalal asks Babu Kumar to help for one last time. Babu Kumar still refuses and Jethalal threatens him to call the cops. Babu Kumar tells him that he will be arrested as per numerology. Jethalal gets annoyed and tells him that he doesn't believe in Numerology. Babu Kumar suggests him to have cold buttermilk to mellow down his anger. Babu Kumar suggests to not get angry. They leave the house and curse Babu Kumar for not helping them. They compare how good a secretary Bhide is as compared to Babu Kumar. Jethalal tells Ghansukhbhai to seal the leakage from his store. Ghansukhbhai tells him that it won't fix the issue as the leakage will have to be fixed from Iyer's house. Ghansukhbhai tells them that he needs to go now and they can call him when they have the permission and the house keys with them.  Jethalal and Bagha reach the store and see Nattu Kaka giving the water from the leakage to the poor and needy. Nattu Kaka explains his idea to them. Jethalal enters the store and is worried about the situation. Bagha suggests to have tea and think of a solution. Nattu Kaka asks Jethalal to have faith. Bagha comes with tea and Nattu Kaka asks him for suggestions to deal with the situation. Jethalal tries to Taarak Mehta however his phone is switched off. He calls Anjali who tells him that Taarak Mehta is not at home and he's on a business trip. 

Bagha suggests him to call Bhide for help as he is also a secretary. Bhide notices that the pocket of his kurta is torn and he dropped his money through it. He slams Madhavi for not noticing that his kurta is torn. Jethalal calls Bhide and Jethalal explains his dilemma to Bhide. Jethalal asks Bhide to explain to the secretary. Bhide accepts to help him. Bhide tells Madhavi that he is going to Jethalal's store to help him. While on his way he bumps into Popatlal. Popatlal asks him to drop him to a marriage bureau. Bhide explains that he needs to reach Jethalal's store at the earliest. Popatlal tells him that even he will accompany him there. Jethalal and others wait for Bhide. Bagha asks him to call Ghansukhbhai. Jethalal asks Ghansukhbhai to come to the store as he will get the keys in some time. Ghansukhbhai tells him that he will come as soon as possible

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