Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah October 9, 2019 Written Update: Jethalal calls Sunder to talk to Daya

In the latest episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah we see how Jethalal calls Sunder and asks him to make him speak to Daya and warns him of dire consequences if he's not able to do so.
Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah October 9, 2019 Written Update: Jethalal calls Sunder to talk to DayaTaarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah October 9, 2019 Written Update: Jethalal calls Sunder to talk to Daya
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The episode starts with a recap of what happened in the previous episode. Bhide is talking to someone on the phone and warning them about sloppy work. Madhavi gets a new outfit for Bhide. He tells her that he will wear and show. He finds out that it's women's outfit and gets upset. He tells her why she gave the dress to him. She says to iron it. He tells her that he doesn't have time as he has a meeting to attend in the clubhouse. She tells him it's the same as last year. He tells her that he doesn't want it to happen like each year hence he's called for a meeting. He says that every year a lot of outsiders come to play garba and he's going to introduce an entry fee of 100 this year. Madhavi tells him that they don't need the ladies, the gents and Tappu Sena can decide. She tells him that the ladies have to practice for salsa garba. He decides to leave when Madhavi gives him some snacks. He says it's setting wrong expectations as it's a meeting and not a picnic. She tells him to give the snacks to Daya's house. He jokes around it and Madhavi says she will give it. Bhide says that he will go and remind Jethalal to come on time for the meeting. Bapuji enters Jethalal's room and notices that he's still sleeping. He thinks of letting him sleep as it's festive time which means more work and more stress. He's about to leave when Jethalal is talking in his sleep. He holds Bapuji's hand in his sleep. Bhide arrives and listening to Bapuji goes to the Jethalal's room. Bapuji asks his help in getting his hand removed. Bhide calls out to Jethalal. While getting Jethalal to wake up, Bapuji falls on Bhide. Bapuji shouts to wake up Jethalal.

He wakes up and asks Bhide what is he doing in his bedroom. Bhide tells him that he had come to the living room when he heard Bapuji's shouts. He tells them that he came to give them the snacks sent by Madhavi. He asks Jethalal whether Daya will return for Navratri. Jethalal tells them that he hasn't spoken to Daya yet. Bhide tells him to be on time for the meeting. Jethalal thinks of the dream he had of Daya. Bhide tells the decorator and tells him that the decoration this year too has to be grand. Bhide sees Popatlal and tells him about the meeting in the evening. Popatlal tells him to cancel the meeting as he has urgent work. Bhide tells him to postpone his meeting. Popatlal tells him that he is going to meet a divorce lawyer. Bhide misunderstands and an argument between the two ensues. Popatlal says that he wants to marry a divorced lady to set an example in the society. Bhide says that he is proud of him. Popatlal gets a message that the divorced lady has patched up with her ex husband and Popatlal feels disappointed. Popatlal blames him for what happened. Bhide tells him not to believe in these superstitions and tells him to concentrate on the meeting. Popatlal tells him to tell about the meeting there and then. Bhide convinces him to attend the meeting. Babita arrives at Jethalal's house. Jethalal asks Bapuji what happened to his fingers. Bapuji tells them both to sit and he tells Jethalal that this morning he was riding a camel on lakeside.

He describes what happened in the morning and Jethalal tells him that he had the same dream in the morning. Bapuji tells him that he is talking about his dream itself. Bapuji tells him how he twisted his hand in his dream. Jethalal says that he was remembering Daya last night and wasn't getting sleep. Jethalal apologizes to Bapuji. Babita asks Jethalal whether Daya is coming for Navratri. Jethalal says he will call her brother, Sunder and check. Jethalal calls on all his numbers but is not able to reach him. Sunder answers the call and invites Jethalal to come over and have some snacks. Jethalal tells him that he's not called to have snacks. Sunder video calls him and shows all the snacks he's having. Sunder tells him that he will call him after eating. Jethalal tells him not to disconnect as he struggled to get through to him. Jethalal asks him why he has so many numbers when he only uses one. Sunder tells him his mother told him to keep changing mobile numbers. Jethalal thinks he's lying. Sunder tells him to gift Daya a good mobile handset as her existing one is not good enough. Jethalal insists on speaking to Daya. Sunder tells him that he's not at home. Jethalal tells him to go home and make him speak to Daya. He threatens Sunder of dire consequences if he doesn't make him speak to Daya

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