Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah September 10, 2019 Written Update: Lord Ganesha helps to rebuild the Mandapd

In the latest episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah we see how the almighty sends help in form of builders to repair the broken Mandap.
Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah September 10, 2019 Written Update: Lord Ganesha helps to rebuild the MandapdTaarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah September 10, 2019 Written Update: Lord Ganesha helps to rebuild the Mandapd
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The episode starts with a recap of what happened in the previous episode. Everyone gathers near the Mandap. Jethalal and Sonu asks Bhide to call the Mandap builder. Bhide goes to get his phone. Bhide calls the Mandap builder and tells him that the Mandap broke and asks him to come and repair it. Babloo tells him that all the Mandap builders have gone on festival vacation and he himself is at Pune. Babloo tells him that he will try to send someone to get it fixed. Bhide tells everyone that babloo and his men are not in Mumbai. Everyone panics. Babita suggests to call some other Mandap vendors. Everyone tries to call the Mandap vendors. They don't get any luck as most of them are not answering or are unreachable. Dr. Haathi says that it is very strange that the storm stopped after the Mandap broke as if the storm happened to break the Mandap. Everyone feels helpless. Babita suggests to welcome Ganpati bappa in the clubhouse.

Tappu tells them that they cannot welcome Ganpati bappa in the clubhouse as their decoration was based on the Mandap. They will have to change the decoration. Jethalal says he will call Bagha to check it he knows anyone who can help with the Mandap situation. Bagha is surprised to see Tappu's call at that time. They are anxious to know why Tappu called at this time. Bagha answers the call and gets to know it's Jethalal. They ask why is he calling from Tappu's phone. Jethalal tells them that he needs someone who can build a Mandap. Bagha tells him that he doesn't know anyone who can repair the Mandap at this time. Nattu Kaka tells him that they will come there and think of a solution. Jethalal says that it's not required as there are a lot of members to think of a solution. Bapuji tells them that why are relying on someone else for help. Bapuji suggests to help themselves and rebuild the Mandap.

Sodhi agrees with Bapuji's idea. Everyone agrees to help. All the members involve themselves in building the Mandap. While building the Mandap frame falls again. Everyone gets disappointed and Madhavi says that's it's inauspicious. Taarak says that what ever has happened has happened for a reason and the reason being that they were over confident about the preparation. Bhide agrees to what Taarak Mehta. Bapuji says that the storm destroyed their over confidence and arrogance. They all recall what they had said due to overconfidence. They all think how they were sitting relaxed and took everything for granted. All the members start praying and ask for forgiveness. Just then a couple of Mandap builders arrive there and they all get to build the Mandap. The Mandap is finally built and they thank the all mighty. Anjali says that it would not have been possible without the help of the builders. They all turn around to thank the builders however they don't find them. Bhide calls babloo to thank him for the men he sent to build the Mandap. Babloo denies sending any of his men. Everyone is surprised to know who came for their help.

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