Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah September 11, 2019 Written Update: The celebration of Ganesha festival starts

In the latest episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah we see how Tappu Sena surprises them with a challenge which will incur a penalty if not accepted by the members.
Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah September 11, 2019 Written Update: The celebration of Ganesha festival starts in Gokuldham societyTaarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah September 11, 2019 Written Update: The celebration of Ganesha festival starts in Gokuldham society
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The episode starts with a recap of what happened in the previous episode. Bapuji asks the names of the men who helped them build the Mandap. They all recall their names. Bapuji tells them that these are all different names of Lord Ganesha. Bapuji tells them the one who came for help was sent by Lord Ganesha. They recall that last year too Lord Ganesha had come in form of a child. Bapuji recites a poem which he translates for the rest of the members as it's in Gujarati. The takeaway from the poem is that it all happened because of Lord Ganesha and because he allowed it to happen. They all say that they all are puppets of the almighty. Tappu Sena tells them to get ready and they will get the decoration in the Mandap. The next morning they all welcome Lord Ganesha and the Mandap is decorated with the theme of Space exploration. All the members appreciate the decoration done by Tappu Sena. Iyer seems a little gloomy and everyone asks what happened. He tells them that it's because of the Vikram Lander signal was lost just 2 Kms away from the surface of the moon.

They all cheer him up and ask him to feel proud about the feat achieved by ISRO. Taarak Mehta tells them that each failure brings a lesson to learn. Babita appreciates the efforts put by Tappu Sena. Tappu Sena says that they got the inspiration from Lord Ganesha. Iyer jokingly says that he will get permission from ISRO to send Jethalal on moon when India lands on the moon the next time. Jethalal tells them that he will not go alone and he will take the entire Gokuldham society with him. Bhide welcomes Lord Ganesha in Gokuldham society. They all worship Lord Ganesha. Jethalal says that they will also enjoy as there are so many sweets. Tappu makes an announcement that there will be some function as usual. Tappu Sena tells them that there will be music, games, plays, food and sweets. There will be a lot of entertainment and a contest will follow. Tappu also says that the performance will be live in TV. Popatlal says that they cannot broadcast the performance and blames Bhide for not knowing it. Bhide says that he cannot have control over everything.

He tells Popatlal to speak to Tappu Sena as they are no longer kids and are grown ups now. An argument follows between Popatlal and Bhide. Tappu tells them that they are live as they speak. Madhavi tells Bhide not to fight as they are in camera. Bhide pretends and smiles and talks to Tappu Sena. Goli tells them that they are not live and there are no cameras. Tappu said this to stop the argument. Bapuji appreciates this technique. Goli tells them that the reason why they have broadcasted this event live is so that they get sponsorship and they don't have to use the society funds. Tappu tells them that if anyone declines to perform, they will have to pay a penalty of 51000. Tappu tells them that they will have to enact when their name is called out. Popatlal declines to the act and Goli asks him to give them a cheque of 51000 and in return will get a loser's award. Bapuji tells them that they should accept the change. Iyer asks for some information about the act. Bapuji tells them that they will get the information only during the act. Goli tells them to be dressed up in traditional attire.

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