Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah written update July 08, 2109: Jethalal's business accounts under scrutiny

In the latest episode of Taarak Mehta Ka ooltah chashmah we see how Jethalal gets a letter from one of his suppliers demanding for a huge sum of unpaid money
Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah written update July 08, 2109: Jethalal's business accounts under scrutinyTaarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah written update July 08, 2109: Jethalal's business accounts under scrutiny
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The episode starts with Jethalal deciding which shirt to wear. He finalizes a shirt which he thinks will be liked by Babita. On his way out of the room he bumps into Bapuji and he falls. Bapuji takes Jethalal's help in opening a steel container. Bapuji asks Jethalal if he is going for someone's wedding today as he's wearing a good shirt. Jethalal thanks him and tells him that he isn't going for anyone's wedding. Jethalal leaves for work and wishes that Babita meets him. Babita calls out to him as he's leaving the society. To his surprise Babita doesn't appreciate his shirt hence he decides to flaunt it. He appreciates her dress however he doesn't get the same from her. She wishes him a good day and while going she appreciates his shirt and he is joyous. Bagha calls him and tells him that some Ramson has sent a letter and also called to let them know that the letter is important and Jethalal needs to read and respond.

Bagha sends Magan to Jethalal's house to have the letter read. Jethalal realises that he won't comprehend the English in the letter hence he decides to seek help from Taarak Mehta. He tells Magan to wait while he meets Taarak Mehta and comes back. Jethalal goes to Taarak Mehta's house and Anjali offers him tea. He tells Taarak Mehta about the letter. Taarak Mehta tells him that Ramson's claim that 15 lakhs payment is pending and some records are also missing from Jethalal's store. Ramson's will come to the store and if they don't find he records then the license will be cancelled. Jethalal blames Nattu kaka and Bagha however Jethalal says it is his fault as he owns the business. Jethalal tells Taarak Mehta to prepare an apt response to the letter. Taarak Mehta tells him to prepare records while he prepares the reply. Jethalal reaches the store and sees Nattu Kaka and Bagha worshipping him.

They tell him that everyday they will worship him. Jethalal gets annoyed with their behaviour. Just then, Harish Bhai comes to the store and asks him if he knows any employees like Nattu Kaka and Bagha as his nephew is planning to open a store in the area. Jethalal promptly tells him to take them as his employees. Harish Bhai leaves and Nattu Kaka tells Jethalal that the rest of the world adore their work ethics except him. Jethalal tells him that's because they don't know the truth. Jethalal tells them about the letter. Nattu kaka tells him that it could be a fault from Ramson's end. Jethalal tells them to start working on the accounts report and stock report. They all go to the godown and Jethalal is upset about the condition of the godown. He hears a cat wailing. They see a cat in the godown and asks them to chase her away. They tell Jethalal that they feed the cat milk and that's why she comes everyday. Jethalal tell them that if they would taken care of the store so much then Ramson's wouldn't have written a letter to them. Jethalal gets a call from the bank stating that they will cancel the overdraft facility as he hasn't signed on a required document. He gives the ownership to Nattu kaka to prepare the accounts report and the stock report and tally it. 

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