Taarak Mehta Ka ooltah chashmah written update July 11, 2019: Jethalal tries to resolve the fight

In the latest episode of Taarak Mehta Ka ooltah chashmah we see how Jethalal tries to make peace between Nattu Kaka and Bagha however doesn't succeed
Taarak Mehta Ka ooltah chashmah written update July 11, 2019: Jethalal tries to resolve the fightTaarak Mehta Ka ooltah chashmah written update July 11, 2019: Jethalal tries to resolve the fight
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The episode starts with Jethalal questioning Nattu Kaka and Bagha on why they let the customer go without a purchase. Nattu Kaka tells him that they aren't talking to each other. At First Jethalal disbelieves but later is convinced after Bagha also confirms. He asks them what are they doing in the store when they were asked to make the reports. They blame each other. He tells them to stop being immature and prepare the reports. He thinks to himself that it's a big problem that Nattu Kaka and Bagha have fought. Just then Babita enters the store with her friend. Jethalal is ecstatic to see Babita. Babita tells him that her friend wants to repair her mobile phone. The friend explains that she accidentally dropped her phone in the water at the beach. Jethalal tells her to be careful the next time also assuring that the phone will be fixed in a few days. Babita asks Jethalal about Nattu Kaka and Bagha.

He tells her that they are working in the godown. Jethalal goes in the godown to check the progress. He sees that they both are busy working. He asks both of them about what they have found out. Both of them are working on the same commodity. They both get into an argument again. Jethalal thinks to himself that if they both keep fighting then the work will be impacted and decides to resolve the fight. He asks them to explain to him what the the quarrel is about. They both put forth their viewpoints. Jethalal asks them to apologize and end the fight. Nattu Kaka agrees on the condition that Bagha should apologize first. Bagha wants Nattu Kaka to apologize first. They both stand their ground and refuse to apologize first. Jethalal apologizes to them and asks them to end the fight. Jethalal tells Nattu Kaka to be the bigger person and forgive Bagha. Nattu Kaka gets upset about Jethalal favouring Bagha and leaves from there. Jethalal tries to make Bagha understand and end the fight. He refuses and says that he will not work until Nattu Kaka starts working and leaves from the godown.

Jethalal feels helpless and calls Taarak Mehta. He explains the situation to Taarak Mehta. He tells Jethalal to give them some time to solve it among themselves else they can meet at the soda shop later that day and find a solution. While leaving the store Jethalal asks Bagha to pull down the shutter to which Bagha says that here on Nattu Kaka will pull down the shutter as he has the keys. Nattu Kaka disagrees. They both argue and Jethalal gets annoyed and pulls down the shutter himself. Jethalal tells them that they should sit and talk this out. He will not tolerate the petty fights from tomorrow. He prays that the fight should end soon. Everyone is at the Soda shop discussing how to resolve the fight between Nattu Kaka and Bagha. Taarak Mehta says that it is natural to have difference of opinion between two people. They all tell him to not worry over it as it should be resolved by the next day. Meanwhile, Nattu is watching TV when Bagha comes and changes the channel. Nattu Kaka gets upset and asks him why he changed the channel. Bagha tells him why is he finding excuses to talk to him. Nattu Kaka beats a spoon on a plate to make noise so Bagha cannot hear the song. Nattu Kaka changes the channel and this time Bagha starts beating the plate with the spoon.

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