Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah February 7, 2019 Update: Jethalal behind bars

Today in Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma we have seen how Jethalal has been put in jail for dealing in stolen mobile phones and how Taarak Mehta comes to his rescue.
Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah February 7, 2019 Update: Jethalal behind barsTarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah February 7, 2019 Update: Jethalal behind bars
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The episode starts with Nattu kaka blaming Bhagha for Jethalal being arrested. They decide to call Taarak Mehta for help. Bhagha asks Taarak Mehta to come to the police station and they would reach there too. Taarak Mehta makes an excuse of a severe toothache to escape from work to get to the police station. His secretary gets to know that Taarak Mehta is pretending and tells him that his boss will be very upset. He convinces his secretary to handle the situation at work and leaves for the police station. In the meantime Jethalal is trying to convince the cops that he doesn't deal in stolen mobile phones. Inspector Yadav is not convinced and puts him behind bars. Jethalal pleads not guilty but inspector Yadav tells him to explain the situation to his senior, Inspector Chalu Pandey. Yadav tells him that he can speak to inspector Pandey when he gets free. Jethalal is thinking to himself about why Nattu kaka and Bhagha had to buy a stolen phone.

In the meantime, Tappu sena and Pandey have just finished feasting on the food sent by his wife. Inspector Yadav informs Inspector Pandey that the mobile has been retrieved and the thief is in custody. Inspector Pandey asks if the thief has accepted the crime to which he gets a negative reply. He tells Inspector Yadav that he is very happy today as he has been able to solve the case with the help of the kids. He orders for ice cream for himself and Tappu sena as he is very proud of them. Just then, Jethalal requests a sub-inspector to call inspector Pandey. The sub inspector hurls his baton on Jethalal and tells him that Inspector Pandey will come only when he wants to. Jethalal gets into a conversation with the fellow prisoner where he gets to know that the fellow prisoner is a mobile thief and the thief says that he will sell the phones stolen by him at Jethalal's store. In the middle of the conversation Jethalal sees another sub-inspector passing by and requests him to call Inspector Pandey. Inspector Pandey doesn't want to be disturbed while enjoying his time with the kids.



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Tappu sena tells Inspector Pandey that they haven't informed their parents and are out since the phone was stolen and to expedite the process. Inspector Pandey decides to start the process. On seeing Inspector Pandey, Jethalal starts rejoicing and dancing. Inspector Pandey asks Jethalal to remove the handkerchief tied to his face. Inspector Pandey identifies Jethalal and accuses him of dealing in stolen phones. Inspector Pandey tells Jethalal that because of him the thiefs get encouragement to steal phones. Jethalal tried to persuade inspector Pandey that what he is saying is untrue but inspector Pandey doesn't budge and tells Jethalal to plead not guilty in court. The episode ends with Taarak Mehta thinking of what will happen when Tappu sena will find out whom have they registered a complaint against.


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