Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na First Episode Review: A clumsy girl, her 'Prince Charming' & love at first sight

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Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na First Episode Review: A clumsy girl, her "Prince Charming" & love at first sight (Image: Zee TV Instagram)

The show's story revolves around Krisha, a hospitality graduate trying her best to prove herself and help her family financially by working at her father's friends' royal hotel in Udaipur. But thanks to her butterfingers, Krisha will remind you of Kajol in Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham, who always messes something up (unknowingly). Krisha also makes sure of messing up everything that has been set up in place.

Her uncle and the owner of the royal property tries to keep her away from all the important functions and events that are to be held in the hotel but somehow Krisha finds a way out, to miraculously appear at every event and ruin it unknowingly.

Despite facing all sorts of miniscule embarrassment at work, she has positive and high hopes of settling down with her Prince Charming and having a lavish wedding that the entire city would remember for years. (Krisha is just like all of us!)

Her mother is furious at her for always landing up in trouble and asks her to pull up her socks at work. Krisha's father for whom his daughter means the world is always seen siding with her.

The happy-go-lucky girl tries to make things work at her workplace and also assures her mother and family that she will one day earn them a lot of respect and pride in the society.

Cut to Prince Devraj of Ambikapur who lands up at the royal palace in Udaipur for an important event.

Like always, Krisha who is kept away from the event by her uncle, miraculously ends up landing right in front of Prince Devraj at his very entry into the hotel.

Krisha who runs to her uncle with the welcome garland as his staff forgets it, further 'challenges the law of gravity and logic', literally. How?!

So as she runs towards her uncle with the garland, she trips over a decorative water bowl and hola! There goes flying the garland up in the air, landing straight in the neck of Prince Devraj. "Wow Miracle!!!"

Prince Devraj sees Krisha and of course, instantly falls in love with her. As expected, the next few- actually, a lot of minutes, Prince Devraj is just seen recalling his few-second-meet with his now crush- Krisha!

The girl, out of all the other staff members in the hotel despite knowing that she is 'blessed with butterfingers' and has been asked to stay away from his highness, still goes to the room to check if everything is in place.

Krisha who does not know how to open a Champagne bottle with a good intention of wanting to do everything right, ends up overdoing and messing things up. She pops the Champagne bottle right on Prince Devraj who is standing right next to her and ends up making him drenched in the champagne fizz.

Of course, instead of getting angry, Prince Devraj keeps staring at his crush and as she leaves, stumbles upon nothing and falls into his arms. ("Alexa, Play Lal Lal La Lallaa music")

Krisha, out of embarrassment, runs out of the room and bumps into a woman whose dressing style speaks volumes of her being a murderer.

I mean who else wears an all-black outfit with black cap, long black 'voldemort inspired' cloak, holding a black bag and refuses to show her face to the hotel staff?! Of course she's got to be the murderer.

As rightly expected, 'the lady in black takes out a gun which she miraculously has managed to sneak into the royal property that is otherwise tight on security.

She rings the doorbell of the Empire's suite and aims the gun at the door, all ready to shoot Prince Devraj as soon as he opens the door. Meanwhile, Krisha, out of embarrassment, is waiting for the lift on the same floor unaware of what is happening at her Prince charming's door step!

Zee TV's newest baby Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na starred Avinash Reiki, Anjali Tatrari and Riya Deepsi in important roles, in the first episode.

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