TMKOC, 10th January 2022, Written Update: Dietician at the Gokuldham society

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TMKOC, 10th January 2022, Written Update: Dietician at the Gokuldham society (Image: Still from TMKOC)

In today's episode, Anjali calls Taarak's boss and informs him that Taarak will be unable to come to work. Taarak's boss suspects that he is lying about taking leave. Anjali informs him of the Karela ghost and requests that he grant her husband the day off. The boss agrees. Tapu Sena attempts to persuade Anjali to send Taarak to the office. Anjali expresses concern about Taarak. When Gogi unlocks the door, Taarak comes, concerned that he may lose his job. Anjali asks Taarak to rest. 

Taarak's boss at the office wonders if Taarak is trying to outsmart him and if he is lying about his condition. He decides to visit the Gokuldham society to find out the truth. Tapu Sena is concerned after realising the scenario. Goli tries to reassure them that the problem will be handled by the doctor and that the secret will never be revealed. Tapu Sena goes to Goli's residence to speak with Haathi. Komal informs them that Haathi is not at home and has gone to get the psychiatrist.

Taarak requests Anjali to let him go to the office. Anjali says if he wants to go to the office, she will accompany him. Taarak gets tense and thinks about finding a solution.

Bhide and Iyer talk about Taarak and Anjali's diet. Popatlal asks Bhide to find a solution to this problem as soon as possible. The dietician arrives at the Gokuldham society to check on the Mehtas. Tapu Sena gets excited when they get to know that the doctor has come. But they are shocked when they learn that she is a dietician. She insists that she wants to check on Taarak.

The society members and the doctor go to Taarak's house. Tapu Sena gets worried. Anjali requests the doctor not to speak about Karela, but she is adamant. The doctor asks Taarak if he is lying to his wife to skip the diet. Taarak starts acting weirdly. Everyone gets scared seeing Taarak.

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