TMKOC, 15th November 2021, Written Update: Bhide to deal with loan recovery agents

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TMKOC, 15th November 2021, Written Update: Bhide to deal with loan recovery agents (Image: Still from TMKOC)

In today's episode, Bagha is sent to a nearby mobile repair shop by Jethalal to fix Babita's phone. Tapu informs Jethalal that they have arrived at Bapuji's friend's house for the puja. Jethalal inquires Tapu if Bhide has received his package. Tapu says that Bhide and Sona will only call him once they receive the parcel. 

Outside Gokuldham, three guys wait to collect 2 lakh rupees from Jethalal. One of them goes to Abdul and inquires about Jethalal's whereabouts. Abdul believes he's the delivery boy who's brought Tapu's parcel and gives him Bhide's address. Abdul calls Bhide and informs him that he sent the delivery boy to his house to deliver the parcel. Bhide asks Madhvi to give the money from the bedroom to give to the delivery boy. 

Bhide is perplexed by the fact that three people have arrived to deliver three distinct parcels. When Bhide inquires about the parcel, the guys respond that they had arrived to collect their 2 lakh rupees. The guys mistake Bhide for Jethalal and demand money from him. Bhide attempts all he can to persuade them that he is Bhide, not Jethalal.

Bhide attempts to video call Jethalal. Bhide demonstrates that he is not Jethalal to them. The guys demand that Jethalal give them their money, or they would not leave that place. Jethalal asks the men to come to his godown to meet him. Abdul is informed by Bhide that they were not delivery boys. Bhide says that no one should be sent without first completing proper research. When the delivery boy comes, Abdul asks him a few questions before sending him to Bhide's house. The delivery lad claims that he can't deliver the package to Bhide because he is not Tapu. Sonu dials Tapu's number to ask for the PIN.

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