TMKOC, 22nd October 2021, Written Update: Taarak plans a revenge

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TMKOC, 22nd October 2021, Written Update: Taarak plans a revenge
TMKOC, 22nd October 2021, Written Update: Taarak plans a revenge (Pic Credits: Sony SAB YouTube)

In today's episode, when Babita says she'll help Jethalal with the letter, he claims he's already read it and understood it, except for a few words. She asks the letter, reads it, and informs him that it is about how to protect oneself from internet fraud. When she asks which words he didn't understand, he responds that he read them but doesn't know where they went, maybe in another letter. Jethalal offers to drop Babita off, but she declines because she is heading to Madhvi's place and no vehicle can arrive. Jethalal recalls Taarak's words and regrets that he was humiliated in front of Babita.

When Taarak arrives at the office, the staff informs him that his boss has been pestering him and has requested the entire staff to look for his wife's birth certificate. Taarak informs the staff that he does not have the certificate and is perplexed as to why the boss believes it is with him. The boss enters and the two argue about the birth certificate, prompting Taarak to search the cabin. Both seek Taarak's cabin for the birth certificate. The boss continues to torment Taarak. Taarak is at a loss for words and unable to converse with his boss.

When the boss's wife calls, he gives his phone to Taarak. But they are both afraid, and do not answer calls. The boss's wife contacts the office to say she has found the birth certificate. Taarak mocks his boss and all of his colleagues.

Taarak intends to take revenge with his strongest weapon and begins writing about Boss. The boss instructs his aide to call Taarak to his cabin. Taarak ponders what to write. When the assistant arrives to notify Taarak that the boss is calling, he does not listen and continues to write.

Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

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