TMKOC, 23rd November 2021, Written Update: Jethalal sets up a meeting with recovery agents

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 Jethalal sets up a meeting with recovery agents
TMKOC, 23rd November 2021, Written Update: Jethalal sets up a meeting with recovery agents

In today's episode, Sodhi says to his friends that they are not necessary as he has to deal with only 2-3 people and he'll manage them. His friends insist that they'll join him. They say that they'll beat the recovery agents, then Sodhi can go and warn them. Sodhi gets ready to take on the recovery agents for Babita's phone. 

Jethalal sets up a meeting with the recovery agents in the hopes of returning Babita's phone. The agents agree, but later feel suspicious about Jethalal's plan and decide to take their friends along and be prepared. 

Taarak advises Jethalal to reconsider including Sodhi in the plan. Jethalal and Taarak depart for the meeting spot. Iyer tries calling Baagha, but he doesn't answer the call. Iyer tells Babita that Jethalal isn't answering the call. Babita says that they should wait till evening, and if Jethalal doesn't fulfill his promise, she'll keep her word. 

Taarak and Jethalal wait for Sodhi. Sodhi's friends misunderstand and go to fight with Jethalal and Taarak. Sodhi stops them, and they apologize to Jethalal. Sodhi insists on fighting the agents for Babita's phone. Taarak tells them about the repercussions and asks Sodhi's friends to stay a little far away from their meeting spot. 

The recovery agents ask their group of friends to watch them from a distance, and when they give a signal, they ask them to come and fight Jethalal and his pals. 

Recovery agents reach the location and ask Jethalal why he got Sodhi and Taarak along with him. Taarak explains that they just came to request the phone. Sodhi and the recovery agents argue. When agents whistle to call their allies instead of their men, Sodhi's friends reach there. The recovery agents' friends arrive there. All of the men get into a fight. Taarak calls the police for help. The police arrested all the men.

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