TMKOC, 26 August 2021, Written Update: Taarak spills beans to get Jethalal vaccinated

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TMKOC, 26 August 2021, Written Update: Taarak spills beans to get Jethalal vaccinated (Pic Credits: YouTube)

All the nurses, doctors prepare for the vaccination camp at the clubhouse. Later, BapuJi and Tapu enter the clubhouse and Bhide worries that there is no sign of Jethalal. Dr. Hathi introduces BapuJi to the doctor and he expresses his gratitude towards them. All the members of the Gokuldham Society arrive at the clubhouse except Jethalal. Therefore, Bhide inquires about him, Bapuji answers his doubt and tells that he has a fever and hence won’t be able to get vaccinated today. Taarak finally gets to know about Jethalal’s plan and sticks to his plan to get him vaccinated. 

The camp begins with BapuJi getting vaccinated but before this could happen, Tapu informs everybody that BapuJi is brave and has overcome many challenges but is scared of injections. At this moment, Taarak thinks that the fear of needles runs in the entire family. On that note, BapuJi gets vaccinated. After him, all the members of the Gokuldham Society get vaccinated.

 Sodhi tells that everyone is vaccinated except Jethalal because of his fever. This angers Taarak and he finally announces that Jethalal will get vaccinated today at any cost. Everyone is shocked to hear this and BapuJi tells Taarak that it won’t be possible. Taarak speaks and says that Jethalal does not have a fever and is rather acting as he is scared of needles. This statement shocks everyone, especially BapuJi and Tapu, but in the end, they find it believable. The truth makes Bhide angry and he taunts BapuJi, Iyer adds to the fire and taunts BapuJi more.

Everyone suggests getting Jethalal injected forcefully but Taarak disagrees and suggests that they should plan an act that will make him want to get vaccinated himself. Hence, Dr. Hathi comes up with a plan and he, Bhide, and BapuJi go towards Jethalal’s house to ‘treat’ him. Jethalal says that Dr. Hathi and Bhide must be busy with the vaccination camp and should be there but they refuse to leave him. 

Stay tuned to know what happens next.


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