TMKOC, 26 November 2021, Written Update: Jethalal retrieves Babita’s phone

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 Jethalal retrieves Babita’s phone
TMKOC, 26 November 2021, Written Update: Jethalal retrieves Babita’s phone

In today's episode, Inspector Pandey asks the constable to Jethalal and others from the lock-up. Santosh apologizes to everyone for causing trouble and assures them that he will complete Jethalal's shop renovation at the earliest. Santosh pays the money to the recovery agents. Jethalal retrieves Babita's phone. Jethalal requests Inspector Pandey to drop him, Taarak, and Sodhi off at Gokuldham society. The inspector taunts him and asks the constable to drop Jethalal. Baagha asks if he can inform Iyer about the phone retrieval. Jethalal says that he wants to surprise Babita. 

Babita and Iyer wait for Jethalal. Bhide and Popatlal arrive at Iyer's house. Bhide asks Babita to forget about the phone. Iyer gets furious. Popatlal reminds us of Jethalal's promise. They decide to boycott Jethalal. When they go out into society, Bapuji asks where the four are going. Bhide and Poptalal try to manage as they don't want Bapuji to know all that happened. 

Instead of taking Jethalal's name, Bhide says that Bhakeda Singh is causing them trouble. Bapuji asks them to tell him his name and address, so he will make him understand and ask him to repay Babita's phone. They don't answer, and Bapuji gets furious. Then Bapuji finds out the story of Jethalal's arrest through Bhide. 

They sincerely apologise to Bapuji for misleading him.Then Bhide tells the entire truth of what happened. Bapuji decides to punish Jethalal and begins his journey to Jethalal's godown.Then they hear the siren of a police vehicle. Bapuji runs behind Jethalal with the stick, intending to attack him, but instead hits Iyer. Jethalal tells Bapuji about the situation and how the inspector has assisted him by arranging for a car to drop him off.

Jethalal tells Babita that he has fulfilled his promise and returns her phone. Iyer and Babita check the phone. Santosh and the contractor apologize to society members and make it apparent that Jethalal made no mistakes.

Stay tuned to find out what happens next.


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