TMKOC, 30 August 2021, Written Update: Police called in Gokuldhaam Society

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taarak mehta ka olltah chashmah
TMKOC, 30 August 2021, Written Update: Police called in Gokuldhaam Society (Pic Credits: Sony SAB Youtube Channel)

This episode begins with Bhide announcing that the society is vaccinated and that a similar camp will be organized for the second dose. Dr. Hathi tells about the WhatsApp helpline number and how to get a vaccination certificate. Later, Bhide tells everyone to have breakfast sponsored by the society but Anjali asks Taarak to not have junk food as she has prepared diet food for him at home. This makes him sad but everyone asks Anjali to allow Taarak to have this food for today as he had the vaccine. 

Meanwhile, it was past nine but no one has arrived at the camp because some goons have placed a notice that duplicate vaccines are distributed at Gokuldham society. They further announced the same thing to the people roaming on the street and a person who saw the board called the police and informed them about the same. 

Bapuji worries that it is past 9:30 and no one has arrived and hence Jethalal questions Bhide but he says that few people like being late at their task. At this moment, Babita announces that she will stay here to help with the camp, and hence Jethalal says that he will accompany Bhide and help him but he asks everyone to leave as he will manage hence, they all leave. 

After thirty more minutes, Madhvi comments on the absence of people, and hence Tapu Sena goes over to check if anyone is waiting at the gate. Abdul announces that no one has arrived or questioned about it. Later, Sodhi asks if Bhide misprinted the date on the pamphlet or banner to which Madhvi says that the date was correct. 

Bhide confesses that he put on so many banners, pamphlets and also made a viral song about the same yet no one has arrived for the vaccination. Roshan suggests to call the nearby building secretary and ask why people are not coming to get vaccinated. Unfortunately, none of the secretaries answer the call and hence, Tapu Sena decided to go themselves and see what is the case. 

Stay tuned to know what happens next.

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