TMKOC, 30th November 2021, Written Update: Bhide accidentally burns Madhvi's expensive saree

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TMKOC, 30th November 2021, Written Update: Bhide accidentally burns Madhvi's expensive saree (Image: Sony Sab Channel)

In today's episode, Madhvi is overjoyed and twirls Bhide around, causing him to fall onto the sofa. Madhvi informs Bhide that her brother, Vinayak, will be coming over with his family. The entire family is ecstatic. Madhvi decides to wear the saree that his brother has sent her. She wants Bhide and Sona to dress up as well. Bhide tries on the shirt Madhvi's brother sent him. When Sonu notices creases on Madhvi's saree, she asks Sonu to get it pressed at a local laundry. Bhide offers to iron it. Madhvi and Sonu say they'll go to the market and then return back.

Bhide irons his shirt. When Bhide starts ironing Madhvi's saree, Iyar and Popatlal arrive at his house. Iyer and Popatlal praise Bhide for being a good husband. Bhide passes a sarcastic comment about Popatlal's bachelor life. Iyer and Popatlal leave after handing over the papers for society's semi-annual report.

Then Abdul arrives at Bhide's residence with Ghansu Ghayal. According to Ghansu Ghayal, the entire earthing of the office should be changed. Abdul takes Ghansu with him. Bhide receives a phone call from Chintu, who asks if he can come to Bhide's house because he is having doubts about math problems. Bhide informs him that some guests will be arriving at his home, so he will assist him in resolving the problem over the phone. Bhide becomes engrossed and accidentally burns Madhvi's saree.

Bhide is shocked when he sees Madhvi's burnt saree. He becomes terrified as he imagines Madhvi crying and screaming at him. He thinks of finding a way to not upset Madhvi and calls Anjali for help. He inquires as to what may be done if a saree is burned. She asks as to whether he burned Madhvi's saree. Bhide lies that his friend asked him. Anjali suggests having the patch sewn at a tailor shop.

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