TMKOC, 8 September 2021, Written Update: Bhide challenges Tapu Sena

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Bhide challenges Tapu Sena
TMKOC, 8 September 2021, Written Update: Bhide challenges Tapu Sena (Pic Credits: YouTube)

In today’s episode, we see Bhide taking rounds in his room and worrying about Sonu. Madhvi says that she will be here any second and at that moment Sonu arrives and Bhide appreciated her for going out and playing. Although Sonu arrived at the house, Bhide couldn’t stop worrying and he finally announced that he will plan and organize Ganesh Utsav by himself. 

The next morning, he woke up and still had the same thought. He couldn’t generate any idea to make the event special but after a while, a mind-blowing idea struck him and he immediately went downstairs to write an important message on the notice board. As he headed downstairs and began writing the message on the notice board he was interrupted by Dr. Hathi, Sodhi, Abdul, Babita and Jethalal. He got angry at the fact that he wasn’t able to write his message as was constantly being interrupted. 

Bhide then finally announces that Ganeshji is almost here and hence a meeting will be held at sharp 8:30 at the clubhouse. He took special efforts to tell Jethalal to be on time and Iyer jumped in and said that it was smart of him to make a special note. Jethalal then said that being a businessman he can’t always be on time as he can’t immediately shut his shop. Taarak then said that he will be late. Dr. Hathi and Sodhi said that even they can’t be on time. With this, they decided to conduct the meeting at 10:00 pm. 

Sonu came in and informed Bhide that she is going to attend Tapu Sena’s meeting which is about decoration for Ganesh Chaturthi. Bhide challenged that this time he will be the one to do the decorations. Later, Sonu went into the meeting and told everyone about Bhide’s challenge.

Stay tuned to know what happens next. 


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