Tujhse Hai Raabta August 19, 2019 Written Update: Kalyani saves Sampada and the fishermen

In the latest episode of Tujhse Hai Raabta we see how Sampada is saved by Kalyani and the fishermen are saved from the explosion.
Tujhse Hai Raabta August 19, 2019 Written Update: Kalyani saves Sampada and the fishermenTujhse Hai Raabta August 19, 2019 Written Update: Kalyani saves Sampada and the fishermen
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The episode starts with Malhar telling Pawar to inform all fishermen that the coconuts are actually bombs. Malhar runs towards the beach. Sampada screams to not break the coconut. Kalyani is under the sea trying to evade an oncoming shark. The fishermen are about to break the coconut when they see blood in the water and wonder if shark has killed Kalyani. Malhar makes an announcement to not break or throw the coconut. He asks them to handover the coconuts to his team. He tells them that his team will investigate who's blood is in the water. Sampada tells him that the blood is Kalyani's as she is fighting the shark. Malhar jumps in the water from there Kalyani plunged. He takes an anchor with him to fight the shark. Sampada consoles Atharva that Malhar will save Kalyani. Sampada asks the fishermen to rescue Kalyani. Malhar finds Kalyani at the bottom of the sea and pulls her out. Sampada thanks the Lord for saving them. Waman's goons decide to kill the ladies as Waman gets caught.

A flashback shows that Anupriya asking all the ladies to pretend that they are tied and she has a weapon hidden in her hand. A goon points a gun on her. All the ladies beat up the goons and while fighting they see that the coconuts have bombs and they escape. One of the goons trap Anupriya's leg and Anupriya asks the other ladies to run. All the ladies run out of the house on time and are safe. Kalyani is taken to the hospital. Malhar asks Pawar to start inquiry and demands to find out information about Atul. Waman confesses that he trapped Atul in terrorism charges. Waman tells Malhar that his coconspirator is still on the loose and will execute the mission. Malhar slaps Waman and asks him to be taken away. Anupriya notices a person fleeing the crime scene and chases the person. The person rides away on the bike however Anupriya finds a medicine bottle. The police officer tells them that Waman has been arrested and they are trying to find Atul. He also tells them about how heroically Kalyani saved Sampada from the shark however her health condition is a concern now. Anupriya tells that she wants to meet Kalyani. Just then Malhar arrives there and Anupriya asks Malhar about her health.

Malhar tells that he made a mistake of doubting her. Anupriya insists on knowing what happened to Kalyani. Just then an ambulance arrives and the compounders take Kalyani on a stretcher. Anupriya tries to get Kalyani back to consciousness. The doctor confirms that she is out of danger however they will have to wait for her to regain consciousness. Ketaki and Sarthak come there and Aao Saheb asks them to leave the house. She accuses Ketaki of trying to kill Atul. Sarthak asks her to stop accusing them. Malhar assures Aao Saheb that he will find Atul. Anupriya and Malhar try to get Kalyani back to consciousness. Malhar tells Kalyani that Waman was behind the explosion and that Atul is innocent. Ketaki hears this.

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