Tujhse Hai Raabta July 19, 2019 Written Update: Moksh is found and Sampada arrested

In the latest episode of Tujhse Hai Raabta we see how Malhar, Kalyani and rest of them find Moksh and manage to arrest Sampada. Malhar also finds the whereabouts of Atharva.
Tujhse Hai Raabta July 19, 2019 Written Update: Moksh is found and Sampada arrestedTujhse Hai Raabta July 19, 2019 Written Update: Moksh is found and Sampada arrested
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The episode starts with Kalyani dancing in the fisherman's wedding while Malhar and Sarthak look for Moksh. Aparna and Waman also give them a hand in searching for Moksh. Sarthak is having tea when he sees a woman covering her head and walking by. He calls Malhar and tells him about the woman and tells him that he will follow her. While following Sarthak loses track of the woman. He reaches a dark area and a shadow is seen following Sarthak. He meets Malhar who is also searching for Moksh in the area. They both see a figure in the dark and follow it. They finally interject the woman and find that she is carrying alcohol. The woman asks for forgiveness. Moksh is shown to be sleeping in a basket. Meanwhile, Kalyani continues to dance among the fisherman to buy time. Malhar finds Moksh who is crying profusely and Malhar tries to pacify him. It is Malhar's imagination and Pawar comes there and Malhar snaps out of his imagination. Pawar comes and tells Malhar that they have searched all the ships and didn't find Moksh in any of them. Just then, Malhar sees an unexplored area and decides to check there. A woman calls Sampada and tells her that the music has restarted. Sampada tells the woman that anyhow Moksh has to be sent out of country today it self.

Malhar and Pawar enter the area where fresh fish is kept. Kalyani feels dizzy however continues to dance. Kalyani is about to fall when Anupriya holds her. She tells not to worry about Moksh and Kalyani tells to check outside while she keeps the fishermen busy. Malhar and Pawar search the enter room however they don't find Moksh. Anupriya is unable to find anyone hence she thinks of calling Sarthak. She realises that her phone is left at the function hence she is returning there. The woman with Moksh is trying to make a call when she bumps into Kalyani and the her phone falls and breaks. Anupriya offers her to make calls from her phone. Anupriya tells the woman that her phone is in the function area and takes the woman there. While dancing Kalyani bumps in the basket the woman is holding and it slips from her hands however Kalyani catches it. The woman is trying to call her husband who is dancing at the function. She drags him out and calls Sampada. Malhar and Pawar arrive there and Malhar tells him that he thinks Sampada and Moksh is around. Malhar sees that a few drunk men are misbehaving with Kalyani and tells them to back off. Kalyani faints and Malhar gets her a glass of water. Sampada arrives there and sees Malhar and Kalyani. She covers her face and goes towards the woman and her husband. She tells them that Malhar and Kalyani are here and points at them. The woman says that they didn't know who they were.

Kalyani gains consciousness and asks Malhar to find Moksh. Sampada and the woman try to escape from there when Moksh starts crying and draws everyone's attention. Malhar asks Pawar to stop Sampada however Sampada pushes Pawar and runs. Malhar runs after her and Sampada gets trapped in a net which was setup by Malhar. Kalyani takes Moksh in her hands cries with joy. They all return home. Kalyani tells Moksh that if he leaves her again she will give me bitter gourd juice. Anupriya thanks lord Ganesha. Sarthak tells Malhar that Sampada won't be able to escape however Atharva has already escaped and he is more dangerous. Pawar tells Malhar that they have information on Atharva's whereabouts. Malhar tells Pawar to keep an eye on the hotel where Atharva is staying and to inform Mumbai police. Kalyani asks Malhar if is it necessary for him to go as she is concerned about him. Malhar tells her that wherever he goes he will return to them. Atharva is checking out when he sees a music band approaching the hotel entrance. Malhar comes dancing and asks Pawar to arrest him. Pawar is about to arrest him when Atharva snatches Pawar's rifle and points at Malhar

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