Tujhse Hai Raabta June 12, 2019 Written Update: Atharva foils Malhar's plan

In today's episode of Tujhse Hai Raabta, we see how Sarthak and Kalyani try to stall the proceedings of the marriage however Atharva makes it to the ceremony making Malhar unconscious.
Tujhse Hai Raabta June 12, 2019 Written Update: Atharva foils Malhar's planTujhse Hai Raabta June 12, 2019 Written Update: Atharva foils Malhar's plan
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The episode starts with a few ladies asking Aao Saheb why there is an idol of goddess Durga in a Maharashtrian wedding. She explains that Atharva had to do this as Kalyani requested. Atul meets Sarthak and tells him that he is not expecting Malhar to put obstacles in the marriage. Sarthak tells him that Malhar is not at home. Just then a few ladies come and Sarthak asks Aao Saheb who the ladies are. She says Kalyani wanted to have the Sindoor ceremony before the marriage. Aao Saheb thinks to herself that she won't allow Kalyani to escape the marriage. While the ceremony is in progress one of the ladies is leaning on the others which catch Sarthak's attention.

After the ceremony is over, Kalyani enters and she recalls Malhar saying that he won't allow Atharva to marry Kalyani and he will fool Atharva's men easily.  Atul admires Kalyani and asks her to take blessings of Goddess Durga. While she is at it, Sampada comes there and tells her that she won't allow her to marry Atharva. Kalyani tries to explain to her that she herself won't allow the marriage to happen and to join her in the act. They both pretend to quarrel which attracts everyone's attention. Aao Saheb intervenes and tells Sampada to not speak negatively if she cannot support the marriage. Just then the groom arrives. Kalyani thinks to herself that no one should find out that the one dressed as the groom is Malhar and not Atharva. He enters the venue dancing and Kalyani thinks that while dancing the veil should not fall and reveal who is the groom. Sarthak announces that he always spoke badly about Atharva and vice versa.

He pretends to give them blessings and while doing so tells the groom that Atharva's men are at the venue and they can find out where Anupriya is by talking to them. Sarthak tells them that he is sure that Anupriya is one the women and that she is being drugged by Atharva's men. Sarthak goes from there and the pandit starts the rituals. Kalyani is talking to groom when she is interrupted by Aao Saheb saying that she can talk to him for life but not while the rituals are going on. Kalyani sees Moksh and thinks to herself that if the marriage is complete then the court will give the custody of Moksha to Sampada. She prays to the goddess to help her in this situation. In the meantime, Sarthak messages Atharva's men to distract them from guarding the women so as to find Anupriya. Kalyani interrupts the pandit to chant the mantra slowly so as to not makes any mistakes.

Sarthak gives the women wet tissues so that they clear the Sindoor from their faces and he is able to identify their faces. The marriage is about to be complete and the pandit asks Atul to conclude the marriage by tying the knot. Sarthak is trying to find Anupriya. The pandit asks them to get up and do the phere. Kalyani tells the groom that from when she is expressing her concerns to him but he is not replying. While the rounds are happening it is seen that the groom is actually Atharva and not Malhar as they planned earlier. A flashback shows that Atharva makes Malhar smell chloroform. Just then one of the women faints and Sarthak rush to splash water on her face. Kalyani thinks that they found Anupriya. The woman who fainted isn't Anupriya and Atharva stops Kalyani who is rushing to see if it is Anupriya. Kalyani gets shocked hearing Atharva's voice saying she isn't Anupriya. She unveils and finds out that it is Atharva. The pandit announces that the auspicious time will pass if the phere aren't completed within two minutes. Atharva suggests to complete the Sindoor ritual first and then complete the remaining phere. Atul agrees with Atharva's decision. Sarthak tries to stop Atharva from putting Sindoor in Kalyani's forehead however is caught by Atharva's men and pushed away. He hits his head on a wall. Kalyani is about to go and che…

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