Tujhse Hai Raabta October 10, 2019 Written Update: Kalyani invited widows to Anupriya's pre wedding rituals

In the latest episode of Tujhse Hai Raabta we see how Kalyani is slammed by Madhav for calling windows in Anupriya's pre wedding rituals.
Tujhse Hai Raabta October 10, 2019 Written Update: Kalyani invited widows to Anupriya's pre wedding ritualsTujhse Hai Raabta October 10, 2019 Written Update: Kalyani invited widows to Anupriya's pre wedding rituals
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The episode starts with a recap of what happened in the previous episode. Anupriya tells Aao Saheb that Kalyani is getting suspicious. Aao Saheb assures her that she will get her married as soon as possible. Aao Saheb tells her to thinks again before surrendering herself to the police. Atharva tells Kalyani that Ahir is after his camera. Kalyani intervenes and Atharva tells her that he's made a video which he wants her to play. She is about to play when Ahir says that he will play it. Malhar arrives there and tells Atharva not to trouble Kalyani. Kalyani says she will play the video and they all start to watch the video. Kalyani tells them that the battery is dead. Kalyani says they will complete the Aarti first and then watch the video. Atharva keeps the camera with him. Aao Saheb tells a lawyer about the marriage. Kalyani tells Aao Saheb that she cannot get Anupriya married in court. She says that she wants Anupriya's marriage to be a grand celebration. Aao Saheb tells her that Anupriya and Adinath want their marriage to be a simple affair. Kalyani is adamant that their marriage has to be on a grand scale. Anupriya is pacing when Kalyani comes there. She asks Anupriya whether she is worried that more the people in her wedding more are her chances of Kalyani finding out the truth. Anupriya denies. Kalyani says that she has kept a fast for Navratri and Goddess Durga will bless her with the truth. Anupriya tells her that she cannot keep a fast for that long. Kalyani asks her to tell her the truth and she will break her fast by eating from her hands. Anupriya tells her to do what she wants. Kalyani tells her that she knows she likes Sarthak and she will find out the truth. Adinath arrives there and asks Anupriya to be strong. Sarthak watches them from a distance and thinks it's good that Anupriya got a life partner as once the 26 July mystery is resolved then he will be in prison. Ahir enters Atharva's room while he is asleep. He takes the camera from Atharva and is checking it when Kalyani arrives there and takes it from him saying she needs the camera. She records a video of her and Aao Saheb to invite people for Anupriya's wedding. She tells Aao Saheb that it was a rehearsal video. She tells Aao Saheb that they will shoot a better video and share it will people as an invitation for Anupriya's wedding. Aao Saheb tells  that since she is ready for the wedding, they will have the wedding on a large scale.

Kalyani tells Aao Saheb to make a list of everything that will be required for the wedding. Madhav tells Kalyani that whatever they are doing should be done in their part of the house only. Aao Saheb tells him that Kalyani has equal right on their part of the house being Malhar's wife. Aao Saheb tells him he has no right to make those demands. Malhar arrives and tells Madhav that Anupriya is like his mother hence him and Kalyani will be part of the wedding. He says that although he owns part of the house, the house was built by Aao Saheb and Rao Saheb hence the name on the house will always be on Aao Saheb. Kalyani comes to resolve the conflict and asks her to calm down. Aao Saheb thinks to herself that she will keep Kalyani busy in the wedding preparations so she doesn't get time to find the truth. Kalyani and Malhar are listening to songs and Malhar asks her why she has not made him listen to these songs before. He tells her that he's feeling relieved listening to those songs. He tells her he's engrossed with so many issues. Malhar tells her that Aao Saheb is not doing this for money as Aao Saheb has no shortage of money. Malhar asks her if she wants to keep the fast so Anupriya tells her the truth. Kalyani tells him that she actually wants to keep the fast. He asks her whether she can drink as part of the fast. He gets her a cold drink. Kalyani says that earlier he never used to advocate having a cold drink.

He says that one needs to change for their partners. They both share the cold drink. Madhav calls out to Kalyani and asks her whether she has invited the widows for the wedding. Kalyani accepts. He slams her for calling windows for a wedding which is considered to be inauspicious. Aao Saheb arrives there. Malhar tells Madhav that these are all outdated customs. Kalyani introduces the widows to Madhav. Kalyani tells them how the ladies were abandoned by their husbands just like her father did. Kalyani tells everyone that she remembers that Anupriya would never get invited in any functions in the village as everyone thought she is inauspicious as her husband left her. She says Anupriya used to get taunted and she used to feel bad. Kalyani says that she invited those women because apart those women no one else can understand Anupriya's feelings. Those women have felt the same as Anupriya has.

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