Tujhse Hai Raabta October 8, 2019 Written Update: Anupriya thinks she is the murderer

In the latest episode of Tujhse Hai Raabta we see how Anupriya tells Aao Saheb that she might have murdered the lady as all evidence points towards her being the murderer.
Tujhse Hai Raabta October 8, 2019 Written Update: Anupriya thinks she is the murdererTujhse Hai Raabta October 8, 2019 Written Update: Anupriya thinks she is the murderer
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The episode starts with a recap of what happened in the previous episode. Aao Saheb asks Adinath to do the Aarti. Adinath asks Anupriya also to be part of the Aarti. Everyone looks tensed. Kalyani asks Anupriya and Adinath to take blessings. Kalyani drops a flower on purpose and tells Anupriya and Aao Saheb that it's auspicious. Kalyani says that Goddess Durga has blessed them. Malhar thinks to himself what is Kalyani's intention as she won't readily accept the proposal. Kalyani hugs both of them. Kalyani asks  Goddess Durga for help in finding the reason for Anupriya agreeing to the marriage. Anupriya and Adinath are sitting when Kalyani watches them from a distance. Adinath says that he will accept her answer and asks if there is any pressure on her. Sarthak arrives there and looks at them and leaves. Madhav says that Aao Saheb did this on purpose. Sarthak would be hurt by this. Madhav slams Kalyani for agreeing to the proposal. Malhar defends Kalyani stating that Anupriya has the right to take her life decisions. Madhav gets upset with Asavari and asks her to serve food. Pawar calls Malhar and asks him to check his message. Malhar tells Pawar to get the sketch ready by tomorrow anyhow. Malhar hears some noise and decides to follow the sound. Ahir hides behind a wall and Malhar walks away from there talking to Pawar.

Asavari arrives there and asks Ahir what Malhar and Pawar spoke. Ahir told her that the sketch will be ready by tomorrow. They both are tensed. Madhav gets upset over getting served noodles. He about to throw when Malhar stops him and urges him to taste them. Madhav declines to eat the noodles and questions Kalyani's respect for them. He asks Asavari to make proper food for him. Malhar eats the noodles and Kalyani is surprised on how joyfully he's eating. Malhar tells her that all 18 year olds eat this way. She tells him to eat properly as he's dropping the noodles on his trousers. Asavari enters Anupriya's room and installs a camera in her room. Anupriya comes in her room and finds Asavari there. Asavari tells her that she wanted to speak about Sarthak. Anupriya tells her that she's already taken the decision. Anupriya closes the door and cries. Kalyani sings to Moksh and Malhar watches them. Kalyani tells Malhar that she has not agreed to the marriage. She tells him that she feels that Anupriya has agreed because of someone's pressure. Aao Saheb comes to Anupriya's room and finds her crying.

Aao Saheb hugs Anupriya and tells her that she's about to sacrifice her entire life. Anupriya tells her that she has no other option as she's committed a big crime. Anupriya tells her that she will not let anything happen to Kalyani. Kalyani tells Malhar that she will have to find information about Adinath. Kalyani gets excited and kisses Malhar. Kalyani feels embarrassed and turns away. Malhar looks at his cheek in the mirror. Anupriya heads down on Aao Saheb's lap. She tells Aao Saheb that she got a call from someone about 26 July incident and that the sketch was like her. Anupriya tells her that Kalyani had got call records of 26 July and it showed that she's called on the number on the receipt. She says that the phone was tracked to be in Solapur. Anupriya says that the saree on the skeleton was from their factory. Anupriya says that all evidence points towards she being with the lady who was murdered. Anupriya says that she used to get dizzy and she must have murdered someone. Aao Saheb says that she knows she cannot murder anyone. Anupriya says that she deserves to be in shackles. She says that she doesn't want to embarrass Kalyani in front of her in law. Anupriya says she has to leave this house and hugs Aao Saheb.

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