Tujhse Hai Raabta September 9, 2019 Written Update: Malhar meets Swara

In the latest episode of Tujhse Hai Raabta we see how Malhar meets the rest of Madhav's family and asks them to move in to his house.
Tujhse Hai Raabta September 9, 2019 Written Update: Malhar meets SwaraTujhse Hai Raabta September 9, 2019 Written Update: Malhar meets Swara
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The episode starts with a recap of what happened in the previous episode. Aao Saheb slams Swara for not watching and walking. Atharva picks up the jewellery that falls out from the bag. Aao Saheb says that the jewellery was given by Atul to be offered to Lord Ganesha for Kalyani's happiness. Swara overhears their conversation. The lady who's purse is slit by Swara makes a hue and cry about her stolen belongings. Madhav tells Sarthak that he didn't want to appear in front of Malhar the way he did. They wonder what Swara is doing in the temple. Malhar tells Kalyani that he used to go to the temple every Monday when he was in school. He describes the time he spent with Swara in his childhood. Madhav tells his wife to get Ahir to the temple. She tells him that Malhar has seen Swara and that she had a habit of stealing. Aao Saheb gives the jewellery to the pandit. Malhar and Kalyani reach the temple. Malhar wonders how he will recognise Swara. Kalyani tells Malhar that he will recognise her as she is his sister. Swara goes behind the lord Ganesha idol while everyone is praying with their eyes closed.

While Swara is escaping she is caught by Aao Saheb. Malhar and Kalyani reach the temple. Aao Saheb slaps Swara. Malhar recalls meeting Swara before. Aao Saheb reveals that Swara stole the jewellery from the idol. Sarthak and Madhav also reach the temple. Ahir and Madhav's wife reach there too. Madhav apologizes to Aao Saheb and tells her that he is ashamed to say that she is his daughter, Swara. Madhav introduces her to Malhar as her elder brother. Madhav slams Swara for bringing shame to the family. Malhar recalls his childhood memories with Swara. Malhar gets emotional and feels happy meeting her. Swara says that she doesn't have an elder brother and leaves from there. Kalyani stops her and asks her why is she doing it. Madhav's wife stops her and tells her that Malhar is her brother  who loves her. Swara slams her for interfering in her life. Swara talks rudely to Malhar and asks her to be arrested. Aao Saheb asks for Swara to get arrested.

Malhar apologizes to Aao Saheb on behalf of Swara and assures her that Swara won't do anything of this sort again. Swara asks to go home when Kalyani tells her that she will go with them to Malhar's house. Madhav tells them that even he has decided to go to Malhar's house. Malhar tells them to come home forever. Malhar asks them to pack their belongings and move into Malhar's house. Madhavi's wife tells Kalyani to call her mother-in-law however Kalyani thinks it's old fashioned and offers to call her SB. Kalyani asks them to come inside the house. She introduces them to Anupriya and Aao Saheb. Madhav's wife tells her that Kalyani is as sweet in nature as Anupriya. Swara asks what is Aao Saheb doing here. Kalyani tells her she is her grandmother and is respected by the entire village and is called Aao Saheb respectfully. Aao Saheb exclaims that they will have to stay with the thief. Kalyani asks them to come in the house. They all enter the house. Swara arrogantly talks about how strange the house is. Aao Saheb tells Pallavi to keep all valuables under lock and key as Swara is a thief. Swara gets annoyed and while Kalyani is trying to stop her, she pushes Kalyani away. Madhav arrives there and shouts at Swara

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