Tujhse Hai Raabta written update July 10, 2019: Malhar and Anupriya bring find Mugdha

In the latest episode of Tujhse Hai Raabta we see how Malhar fights the goons to bring back Mugdha to safety and Kalyani completes the rituals despite a string windstorm
Tujhse Hai Raabta written update July 10, 2019: Malhar and Anupriya bring find MugdhaTujhse Hai Raabta written update July 10, 2019: Malhar and Anupriya bring find Mugdha
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The episode starts with Malhar finding Anupriya at the villa. She tells him that she went to the Police station to ask him to forgive Kalyani however she met Chandani at the police station. Chandani tells Anupriya that she is pregnant however she has to be part of the mission too. She didn't want to tell Malhar as it was an important mission for him. She tells her that she understands that finding Mugdha is important for Malhar. Anupriya tells her that she will go in her place. Malhar tells her that she behaves just like Kalyani and that she has no clue about how dangerous the mission is. Anupriya tells him that this is her contribution in getting Moksh back. She tells that she's even wearing a bullet proof vest. Pawar and Anupriya convince Malhar to go ahead with the mission. Malhar tells her to follow his instructions. While completing the rituals back at Ahilya niwas, a terrible windstorm stops the rituals. Just then, Malhar fires in the air however the goons see him and fire in his direction. Pallavi and Aparna decide to complete the ritual after the windstorm has passed however Kalyani refuses to stop the ritual.

Malhar and the goons fire at each other however Malhar is able to shoot three goons. Kalyani continues to complete the rituals. One of the goons comes around and aims at Malhar which is seen by Anupriya. She alerts him however his gun falls. Despite the windstorm Kalyani continues the rituals. The goon fires at Malhar however a falling piece of metal saves Malhar from the bullet and Malhar kills the goon. Kalyani completes the ritual and prays for Malhar's safety. While praying she sees a photo which she is shocked to see. She asks Pallavi who is the man in the picture. Pallavi tells her that it is her husband and Sampada's father. Kalyani immediately takes a photo of the picture from her phone. She thinks that Sampada is planning something big with her father. Malhar congratulates Anupriya for helping with the mission being successful. Anupriya tells him that Kalyani has observed a fast and because of which Malhar was safe throughout the mission. He is surprised to know that she has observed a fast for him. He tells Anupriya that he worries about her studies and to forgive him for what he said.

He tells her that once Mugdha's case is solved and Moksh is back with them his irritation will vanish. Malhar tells Anupriya to change at the police station while he takes Mugdha to the hospital. Kalyani arrives at the hospital and enquires about the man in the picture. A security asks Kalyani if she has the entry card and asks her to come with him. Kalyani starts pretending to cry and tells the security guard that her husband is cheating on her. She pretends to faint. She is about to escape from the ward when she sees Malhar arrive there. Malhar asks the doctor who is in the neighboring ward. Doctor tells him that she is a woman who is suspecting her husband with cheating. Pawar comes there and asks Malhar to eat something. He is about to eat when he stops and enters the ward where Kalyani is sleeping. Malhar asks her to eat and talks about Kalyani and admires her. He keeps the food and leaves from there. Malhar asks Pawar to keep an eye on Mugdha. Kalyani has the food and decides to call Malhar. He talks very rudely with her and asks her to disconnect the call. She gets upset and gets back to the work she came to the hospital for. 

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