Tujhse Hai Rabta February 11, 2019 update: Sampada continues with her evil plan against Kalyani’s fast

Today in Tujhse Hai Rabta we see how Sampada leaves no stone unturned to make sure Kalyani’s Nirjala vrat becomes unsuccessful.
Tujhse Hai Rabta February 11, 2019 update: Sampada continues with her evil plan against Kalyani’s fastTujhse Hai Rabta February 11, 2019 update: Sampada continues with her evil plan against Kalyani’s fast
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The episode begins with Malhar telling Kalyani that she doesn’t need to do anything. Kalyani insists on keeping the fast and that Malhar won’t be able to stop her. Anupriya tells Malhar that Kalyani’s fast will be successful and the fast will free Malhar of all the accusations. Here, Anupriya catches hold of Godavari who was taking Pallavi’s jewellery and that she was nervous. Anupriya tells Godavari that why was she carrying the jewellery just when Pallavi comes in and saves Godavari from Anupriya.

Here, Sampada gets hurt by Moksh and Atharva mocks Sampada saying that they both cannot be anyone’s own. Here, Anupriya follows Godavari and sees that she goes with some boy named Rahul somewhere, which bothers Anupriya. Anupriya follows Godavari. Here, Kalyani cribs about the tough rules of the Nirjala Vrat and that she could have taken bath with warm water too instead of cold water. Here, Aparna and Sampada rejoices as they had put leeches in Kalyani’s bath water which was about to put on her body with closed eyes. Just when she was about to pour the water, Malhar comes in and saves her from it. Kalyani prays to Lord Ganesha to help her complete her fast honestly and that she will perform the tasks of the fast honestly. Kalyani makes the idol of Lord Ganesha when Malhar offers to help Kalyani and we see a sweet moment between them where they make the idol together. Kalyani calls Anupriya to tell her to see the selfie of the idol that she and Malhar had made together and informs her that she was going to the temple to offer her prayers. Anupriya, on the other hand, was still following Godavari who was going with Rahul, apparently not a great guy to be with.

Aao Saheb along with Pallavi goes to the Ganesh Mandir to offer their payers when Kalyani also reaches there with the idol. The pandit sees Aao Saheb and offers her to come leaving the long queue behind her as she was an honoured human being and that even God will not want her to wait in the queue. Meanwhile, Sampada and Atharva also reaches the temple and sees the long queue outside and plans to break the queue by their evil deeds. They use their power of the money Atharva had, and throws gold coins for the public to get lured and get out of the queue making way for them and reaches the top. Will Kalyani be successful to complete the fast? Stay hooked to see whether Malhar goes to jail or will Kalyani’s Nirjala fast save him.

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