Udaariyaan, 23 November 2021, Written Update: Anand draws flowers on Tejo's hand

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Udaariyaan, 23 November 2021, Written Update: Anand draws flowers on Tejo's hand (Image: Still from Udaariyaan)

In today's episode, Angad comes there and says they'll have double celebrations today. He tells everyone it's Tejo and his pre-engagement party, and his friend Fateh and Jasmine's sangeet. Tejo looks at him and thanks him. He says, "Your wish is my command". Fateh thinks that Angad can’t see anyone sad. "I know it was your plan to call us here. Khushbeer says you came late," he says. 

Tejo plays the dhol, everyone stops and was shocked but Angad starts dancing. He makes everyone dance with him. Fateh asks Jasmine to go and dance. Jasmine dances with them, Fateh plays the dhol. 

After the dance, Fateh gets snacks for Jasmine. Jasmine asks Fateh to draw a big heart here and write Jasfa in it, Jasmine looks at Tejo and asks, "Won’t you get Angad’s name written?". Angad says his name is written on Tejo’s heart, then why get it written on the hand. Tejo agrees, says names written with mehendi get wiped out, but the names written on hearts never get erased. 

Angad asks if he can draw a little flower on Tejo's hand. He makes a flower with the mehendi. She smiles. Jasmin asks Fateh to draw something too. Fateh says he has an urgent call to attend and leaves the room. 

After seeing everyone, Abhiraj comes there and says everyone’s name is written here, that person has to choose someone randomly, then choose the chit, it has a punishment written. Khushbeer’s name comes on the rotating wheel. He gets blindfolded, After this Khushbeer acts like Salim and Anarkali.

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