Yeh Hai Chahatein December 27, 2019 Written Update: Rudraksh performs Saransh’s thread ceremony

Today in Yeh Hai Chahatein, Rudraksh enters Preesha’s house looking for Surya. He sits for Saransh’s thread ceremony and performs the ritual that a child’s father is supposed to.
Yeh Hai Chahatein December 27, 2019 Written Update: Rudraksh performs Saransh’s thread ceremony Yeh Hai Chahatein December 27, 2019 Written Update: Rudraksh performs Saransh’s thread ceremony
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In today’s episode, Preesha calls out to Vasudha but Rudraksh shuts her mouth with his hand and tells her that if she screams he will kiss her. Preesha bites his hand unexpectedly. She asks him to get out of her house. Rudraksh asks her where Surya is as he had follows him into the room through the window. He looks around for him and decides to leave as Preesha keeps threatening him. But he leaves through the door instead of the balcony window. As he goes outside all the women in the function surround him to take pictures with him. The priest asks the father of Saransh to come and sit with him for the ceremony. Rudraksh immediately goes and picks up Saransh and sits for the veneration with Saransh on his lap. Gopal and Vasudha get baffled and wonder where Yuvraj is. Preesha asks Rudraksh to get up immediately but the priest tells her to not hinder the veneration as the father of the child can not get up from the veneration. Saransh resists to get his haircut but Rudraksh convinces him to get a haircut like him. Meanwhile, Surya tells Yuvraj that maybe Rudraksh has found out about him. Yuvraj asks Surya to change his shirt and leave so that Rudraksh doesn’t recognise him. Preesha goes to get Saransh his new clothes and runs into Yuvraj. Yuvraj quickly hides Surya’s shirt in Preesha’s handbag. Preesha tells him that Rudraksh has created a ruckus in their function. Preesha decides to do something to make Rudraksh leave.


Saransh gets the same haircut as Rudraksh and feels happy. Preesha calls Rajeev and he comes to take Rudraksh back. Rudraksh whispers and tells Rajeev that Surya is here and he needs to catch him and expose his plan. Rajeev asks him to do all of that later and right now just leave with him. Rudraksh fights with Preesha and asks her why is she helping Surya. Vasudha yells at them to go and Rajeev gets a flashback of a time when he had seen Vasudha before. He quickly takes Rudraksh outside. Rudraksh assumes that Preesha is involved in Kaveri’s plan and maybe she wants money too. He decides to woo Preesha so that she takes him to Surya and helps him expose Kaveri. On their way, Rajeev tells Rudraksh that he has already asked someone to keep an eye on Surya. As they reach home, Rudraksh gets out of the car and keeps his hand on the car and accidentally slams the car door to shut it. Rajeev instantly puts his hand above Rudraksh’s hand to save him. Rajeev gets hurt and Rudraksh wonders why did he put his hand there. Rajeev tells him that he’s just a little injure, if needs be he could even give his life for his brother. Rudraksh goes to get Rajeev ointment. Meanwhile, Rajeev gets a flashback of the time when he had asked Aahana to divorce him because he was in love with someone else. But Aahana had refused to give him a divorce. 


Meanwhile, Gopal argues with the caterer and Yuvraj takes it upon him to deal with the caterer. He bribes the caterer and asks him to leave without manking any fuss. He lies to Gopal that he convinced the caterer and did not bribe him. Gopal feels proud of Yuvraj and tells him that because of his sincerity and honesty he’s giving Preesha to him. Yuvraj cunningly thinks to himself that once he becomes a judge, he will return Gopal his daughter and grandson. Meanwhile, at school, some children erase Saransh for his haircut. He tells everyone that he has the same haircut as rockstar Rudraksh because Rudraksh had come to his house. He tells them that his mother loves him a lot and she knows that he’s a big fan of Rudraksh so she had invited him home. All the children feel jealous and tell Saransh that their parents are always busy in fighting with each other or working. Saransh tells them that it’s better to have only their mother as their parent so that they get all the love. All the children get influenced by him and decide to tell their fathers to leave them. Aahana becomes the trustee and the staff informs her about the competition they’re having today for mothers of the students. She tells them that she has invited Rudraksh and he has agreed to come for the event. Everyone feels overjoyed as they had expected Aahana to be very arrogant and snobbish but she turned out to be very nice. Soon some mothers come into Aahana’s cabin and complain to the teachers there about Saransh. They tell them that he’s teaching their children that only mothers should raise them and that they don’t need their fathers. Aahana assures them that she will take the necessary action to solve the matter. After the mother’s leave, Aahana tells the staff that she will make Saransh’s mother make him leave the school instead of them expelling Saransh. Meanwhile, Rudraksh finds out that Surya hasn’t returned home which means that he ran away. He decides to charm Preesha and find out from her about Surya and Kaveri’s plan. He calls her up but her nurse picks up the phone. He calls her sweetheart and she gets nervous. She hands over the phone to Preesha and she asks who’s speaking. Rudraksh talks to her very charmingly. He asks her to examine him since she’s a doctor. Preesha tells him that she’s a gynaecologist and she deals with uteruses. She asks Rudraksh to find another doctor who can tolerate him and hangs up the call by telling that she has to go to her son’s school. Rudraksh gets speechless but decides to do something. He calls Tia up and asks her to do some work for him. He tells them his plan. 

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