Yeh Hai Mohabbatein August 15, 2019 Written Update: Ishita recognises Bhuvan

In today’s episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, all the kids change the SIM cards of all the elders so that they don’t get messages from the kidnapper. Later, Ishita identifies Bhuvan but he flees.
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein August 15, 2019 Written Update: Ishita recognises BhuvanYeh Hai Mohabbatein August 15, 2019 Written Update: Ishita recognises Bhuvan
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In the latest episode, Ishita sends Ruhi and Karan home while she asks Aliya to stay at Mani’s house so they can be at the hospital turn by turn. Next day, Yug plans to get all the elders a new SIM card so that they can replace their old numbers which are likely to get messages from the kidnapper. Arijit is waiting for Vishwa’s reaction to the message he sent him pretending to be Raman. He asks Bhuvan who’s spying on the Bhallas for updates. Bhuvan sees Omprakash and Vishwa coming from a walk. He informs Arijit that they seem to be pretty normal. Arijit gets frustrated as his plan isn’t working. He then decides to target Santosh (Raman’s mother).


Meanwhile, Simmi and Ruhi take away Santosh's phone and Ruhi accidentally drops it to break the phone. Simmi asks Ruhi to transfer all of Santosh’s stuff into a new phone and get this one repaired. Later, Mihika decides to steal Madhu’s phone. Bhuvan enters the Bhallas house disguised as a laundryman and tries to listen to any information he can get. As Ruhi hands over some clothes to him, he overhears Omprakash mention to Karan that Aliya and Ishita are at Mani’s house. Arijit is eagerly waiting for Santosh to respond to his message but he doesn’t know that the kids have taken away her phone. He calls Bhuvan who tells him whatever he heard. Later, Bhuvan goes to hide his bicycle somewhere so that the security guard doesn’t catch him lurking around. Meanwhile, Ishita and Aliya arrive. Mihika and Yug arrive there too. They discuss the plan to change SIM cards. 


Later, as Bhuvan is leaving he collides into Ishita. She stops him and tries to recollect where she has seen him. She remembers that he is the same guy who had trapped her in that godown. Yug slaps Bhuvan and his disguise comes off. Ishita and Yug try to ask him who he is and as they reveal that Raman is still alive Bhuvan reacts in astonishment. They put him in the car and leave to take him to the police station. On their way, Ishita gets a call from the doctor who tells her that Raman’s blood pressure has dropped drastically. Yug gets distracted in asking Ishita what happened and in the meantime, Bhuvan escapes from the car. At home, Aliya tells all the elders that they have given them new SIM cards which had great offers for the family pack. They resist giving up their old phone numbers but the kids convince them. Later, Aliya gets to know from Ishita that Raman isn’t well. They all huddle up trying to come up with an excuse to leave the house but Santosh intervenes and asks where do they have to be.

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