Yeh Hai Mohabbatein August 23, 2019 Written Update: Arijit raises Karan's suspicion

In the latest episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Raman panics because of his changed appearance. Later, some investors threaten to back out from Ishita's project.
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein August 23, 2019 Written Update: Arijit raises Karan's suspicionYeh Hai Mohabbatein August 23, 2019 Written Update: Arijit raises Karan's suspicion
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In today's episode, Ishita gets worried about how Raman will deal with all of this. Yug suggests to call the doctor to ask him what is to be done next. Karan goes outside to call the doctor. Arijit sees Karan alone and grabs the opportunity to make him more suspicious about Raman. He tells him that he seems like an imposter and he should investigate about him. Raman panics after he regains consciousness. Ishita decides to tell him the whole truth. He gets even more worried after listening to him being kidnapped and thrown off a building. Everybody asks him to calm down and be grateful that he survived despite everything and is here with his family today. Raman feels better and asks Santoshi for some tasty food. 


Later, Ruhi notices that Karan hasn't returned yet. She goes outside to find him talking to Arijit. She asks him what they were talking about but he lies and tells her that they were talking about the veneration. Ruhi tells him that she doesn't trust Arijit and he shouldn't too. Karan assures her that he doesn't trust him either and asks about Raman. Mani, Ishita and Yug tell Raman about the latest project they're working on and he is impressed by it. Karan arrives and offers Raman a drink to celebrate his return. He insists a lot but Raman reminds him that it's the month of Shravan and there's veneration in the house so he cannot drink alcohol. After everyone leaves the room for lunch, Yug asks Karan why was he asking Raman to have a drink when he knows he's on medication. Karan tells him that he was joking. But Karan thinks to himself that he will definitely get the truth out of Raman. 


Ishita feels dizzy and everyone gets worried about her. She tells everyone that she's worried if she would react inappropriately while sleeping because of Raman's changed face. She doesn't want to hurt his feelings by reacting. Omprakash suggest that he would sleep besides Raman and take care of his medicines. Simmi offers Ishita to sleep in her room. Next morning, Mani gets a call about an urgent meeting set up by the investors. They take Raman along too. At the meeting, the investors get uncomfortable with Raman's changed appearance and fear that they will lose their money invested in the project as the public would raise a lot of questions about Raman. Ishita tries to explain to them that Raman survived the plane crash and had to get his face reconstructed, but his abilities and business skills are the same. The investors decide to back out but Mani tells them that they cannot do so at the last minute as they are bound by the contract. Arijit pretends to play nice and tries to convince the investors to have faith in Raman. Ishita gets furious as the investors don't seem to agree and tells them that she will get them all banned by approaching the Business Guild. Mr. Malhotra finally agrees to invest but warns Ishita that if they make any mistake, they would back out. 

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