Yeh Hai Mohabbatein August 9, 2019 Written Update: The Bhallas keep Raman a secret

In the latest episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Arijit is anxious about the Bhallas not reacting to Raman’s death and decides to go investigate what’s happening himself.
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein August 9, 2019 Written Update: The Bhallas keep Raman a secretYeh Hai Mohabbatein August 9, 2019 Written Update: The Bhallas keep Raman a secret
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In today’s episode, everybody wakes up in the hospital and panics as they don’t see Ishita around. Ishita soon came with some medicines that the nurse had asked her to get. She apologizes for not informing them as they were resting. Ishita asks the doctor if she can see Raman now but the doctor tells her that the patient's condition is not better yet so they can’t let anyone meet him. At home, Madhu and Santosh decide to cook South Indian food for the children when they come back in the afternoon. They leave to shop for vegetables from the supermarket. Later, Karan suggests that they should shift Raman to a bigger hospital but Ishita refuses as she thinks that the kidnapper might still be keeping an eye on them. The nurse tells them that only 2 people can stay at the hospital and the rest of them will have to leave. Mani and Ishita decide to stay while the others leave to go home. They plan to say that Ishita and Mani are busy in a meeting with the investors if anybody at home asks. 


Meanwhile, Santosh and Madhu’s car breaks down right in front of City Hospital and they see Ruhi and everyone else leaving from the hospital. They approach the children and ask them what they were doing at the hospital. Simmi makes up an excuse saying that she injured her ankle so on the way they decided to get it checked. As Santosh asks about Ishita they tell her that she left with Mani to go to the office for a meeting. Arijit, on the other hand, is getting anxious as Ishita and the Bhallas are not informing him about Raman’s death. He gets a call and remembers that he had to be at the clinic. Bhuvan is overhearing his conversation. Meanwhile, Mani consoles Ishita who is sobbing incessantly. He gets a call from Ruhi who informs him that Santosh and Madhu caught them outside the hospital but they made an excuse and got away with it. Later, Bhuvan asks Arijit if anyone’s sick since he’s going to the clinic. Arijit gets furious at Bhuvan for eavesdropping on his conversations and threatens him to never do that again. He asks Bhuvan to go find out what Ishita and her family is doing but Bhuvan tells him that Ishita will recognize him as she has seen his face. He asks Bhuvan to change his get up and give him updates. 


Later, Arijit calls Bhuvan to get updates from the Bhallas house. Bhuvan informs him that everything seems normal here and they in fact are cooking a South India feast. Arijit is confused and thinks Bhuvan is lying so Bhuvan video calls him to prove that he is at the Bhallas house. Arijit is curious so he decides to go to their office to find out what’s happening. At the office, Shweta informs him that Ishita and Mani are busy discussing the project and Yug, Karan and Ruhi haven’t come to the office today. Arijit insists Shweta to let him meet Ishita and Mani but Shweta stops him as instructed. Soon, Yug, Ruhi, and Karan arrive and Arijit tells them that he wishes to meet Ishita. He also asks them why they didn’t inform him that Ishita was back from the asylum since he’s their business partner and deserves to know. Later, Arijit tells them that 2 days later is an auspicious time for veneration so he was here to ask who would sit for it from the Bhallas side. But since Ishita is back, she would be the one to sit for it. He insists to meet Ishita once but Ruhi tells him that she is not in the right state of mind to meet anybody. She also tells him that Yug and Aliya should perform the veneration instead of Ishita because she might have a relapse. Arijit realizes that they are lying to him about Ishita. He asks them if they can handle the project. Ruhi reassures him that they will make this project a success and he need not worry about it.

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