Yeh Hai Mohabbatein November 28, 2019 Written Update: Shardul shocks Ishita with his unexpected behaviour

Today in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Shardul stays adamant and claims that he is the real Raman. He puts Ishita in a tough spot by gaining the support of the family.
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein November 28, 2019 Written Update: Shardul shocks Ishita with his unexpected behaviourYeh Hai Mohabbatein November 28, 2019 Written Update: Shardul shocks Ishita with his unexpected behaviour
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In today’s episode, Ishita tries to convince everyone that asked Shardul to pretend to be Raman so that she could protect Raman’s life. The family feels betrayed and Santosh asks Ishita why she toyed with their emotions. Raman tells Ishita that they should give the family some time to accept the fact that he’s back. Ishita takes Raman to her room so that he can rest. Santosh believe in Ishita and tells everyone that she always does things to help their family so they shouldn’t doubt her. But Madhu and everyone else feel suspicious. Shardul calls Arijit and Arijit warns him about Raman. Shardul decides to come up with a plan so that Ishita can’t throw him out of the house. Yug and Karan arrive home feeling concerned about Ishita. Shardul arrives there too. Simmi and Ruhi try to stop them from going into Ishita’s room but they go there anyway. All of them get shocked as they see Raman. Ishita introduces Shardul to Raman formally. But Shardul begins to react absurdly and asks Ishita who is the imposter that she’s calling Raman. He claims to be Raman and begins to fight with Ishita. 


Ishita asks Shardul to stop acting as she has told her family about the truth. The entire family arrives in the room. Shardul continues to pretend to be Raman and asks Ishita if the man is threatening her. Ishita gets perplexed by Shardul’s behaviour and reminds him that he became Raman because she had asked him to. Shardul demands to conduct a DNA test to prove the truth. Simmi supports Shardul as she thinks he’s the real Raman. Raman gets enraged at everyone for listening to Shardul’s nonsense. Arijit decides to send Sanjay to get updates about what is happening at the Bhalla house. Ishita tells Simmi that she is supporting the wrong man. Simmi doesn’t believe Ishita as they all had seen Raman after the plastic surgery. Ishita tries to clarify that she had planned to misguide them so that she could protect the real Raman. She asks them to ask Sudha as she knows everything too and she helped her take care of Raman. Karan calls Sudha but her phone gets unreachable. The family shows their support for Shardul and they tell Ishita that they believe that he is the real Raman. Raman speaks up and asks everyone why they’re not believing him. 


He tells them that Ishita did so much to protect him and the family and they’re doubting her. He claims that Ishita is his wife and they’re his family. Shardul interrupts him and says that the truth will be proven once they get the DNA tests done. Meanwhile, Sanjay comes to the house and Ruhi and Karan open the door. He asks them for tea and while Ruhi goes to get it, he hears noises of people fighting. Karan sends him out and closes the door. He goes inside and asks Shardul and Raman to speak softly as everyone can hear their voices outside. Sanjay informs Arijit about the fights he heard. Arijit gets assured that Shardul must’ve come up with a plan to deal with Ishita. Yug asks Ishita why is she doing this with their family. Ishita explains him that she was trying to save Raman’s life which is why she had to do so. Raman agrees for the DNA test and asks everyone to get out of their room. Shardul commands him to leave as it is his house. Ishita takes Raman outside as Shardul doesn’t agree to leave the room. Shardul breaks down in front of the family to gain their sympathy. Ishita apologises to Raman as they sit outside on the couch. He thanks her for saving his life and gets impressed by her daring attitude. He assures her that she needn’t worry as the truth will come out eventually. The DNA test would definitely be in their favour and then everyone will come to terms with it themselves. 

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