Yeh Hai Mohabbatein November 5, 2019 Written Update: Raman exposes Khatri

Today in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Raman makes a plan to expose the man who tampered with Yug’s tender.
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein November 5, 2019 Written Update: Raman exposes KhatriYeh Hai Mohabbatein November 5, 2019 Written Update: Raman exposes Khatri
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In today’s episode, Aliya wakes up after having peacefully slept. She tells Yug how happy she was to be back home. They begin to talk and Aliya thinks that they should investigate what happened with the tender as he might be right. 

After they freshen up, everyone arrives at the dining table. They all try to persuade Karan to have breakfast but he seems restless as Ruhi is not around. Simmi tells Ishita that Santosh and Omprakash have gone out for breakfast with Madhu and Vishwa. Raman expresses how peaceful he feels as Sunil and Natasha got arrested. Yug arrives there and tries to talk about the tender but Ishita tells him to have breakfast first as office matters can be discussed later. Karan decides to go home to help Sudha.


After a while, Mani comes home and tells everyone that maybe someone has tampered the tender Yug submitted. He tells everyone that he had hired a private investigator to follow the man to whom Yug has given the tender. The investigator has informed him that recently that man has spent a lot of money to buy expensive products and jewelry. Looking at his salary, it is very obvious that he cannot afford such luxuries. They all decide to find out the truth from the man. Raman tells everyone the idea he has. Meanwhile, Arijit calls up Thia to ask about Neeti. Later as Bhuvan talks to him, he informs Arijit that Khatri (the man who tampered with the tenders) is demanding more money from him. Arijit asks Bhuvan to come to Delhi and settle the matter with Khatri. Arijit decides to check up on Sunil and Natasha in jail in the meantime. Later, Aliya’s friend Sana arrives at home to meet her. 


Later, Raman, Yug and Mani dress up as courier boys and go to Khatri’s office. Mani tells the receptionist that he’s here to deliver some stuff that Mr. Khatri ordered. He begins to empty his bag on the desk and takes out an expensive phone, jewelry, clothes and other things. The receptionist calls Khatri to take his delivery. The entire office gathers there to see how Khatri has ordered so many expensive things. Raman tells Khatri that their company is gifting him an AC as he has shopped for products worth over 1 lakh. Khatri’s boss arrives there and asks him what’s going on. Khatri denies to have ordered these things but Mani hands over the bill to him to prove that he paid for all of it. Khatri’s boss asks him how he could afford such expensive things. Raman,Yug and Mani disclose their identity. 


Meanwhile, Aliya introduces Sana to Ishita. Ishita realises that Sana is pregnant. Sana asks Ishita if Aliya is okay as she seems worried. She tells her that it’s some work related stress. Ishita also gets worried as Raman hadn’t called her yet. Khatri pretends to have a heart attack but Raman and Yug act like they will have to puncture his chest to save his life. As they are about to puncture his chest with a pen, Khatri gets up and stands upright and admits that he was pretending. Raman holds him by his collar and asks him to reveal the truth. Khatri reveals that he had changed the tender that Yug had submitted. Raman tells Khatri’s boss that they can file a police complaint against them as they had to face so much humiliation and their business could also drown because of their corrupt employee. The boss promises to make amends. Raman asks Khatri to reveal the name of the person who asked him to do so. Khatri gets a call from Bhuvan and he tells him that he doesn’t know his name as he only used to meet him to take money. Raman asks him to pick up the call and ask the man to come and meet him in a nearby place. Khatri asks Bhuvan to come to a nearby cafe. When Bhuvan reaches the cafe, he gets a message from Arijit asking him to leave from there immediately. Arijit picks up Bhuvan in his car and tells him that Malhotra called him up to inform that Raman had exposed Khatri. If he would’ve gone to the cafe, they would’ve caught him. Ishita calls Raman and says that if the culprit hasn’t arrived yet, he probably won’t come as he might have sensed that they are after him. Raman gets angry and decides to bash up Khatri and ask him if he informed the man that they were waiting for him. 

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