Yeh Hai Mohabbatein November 7, 2019 Written Update: Neeti goes missing

Today in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Arijit gets shocked when he hears about Neeti’s disappearance. Meanwhile, Yug assumes that Aliya is pregnant as he sees the sonograms but doesn’t know that they don’t belong to Aliya.
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein November 7, 2019 Written Update: Neeti goes missingYeh Hai Mohabbatein November 7, 2019 Written Update: Neeti goes missing
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In today’s episode, Raman reads the note that came with the bomb. The note says that the bomb is fake but it could be real next time. Raman rushes downstairs angrily as the person who delivered it might be nearby. He asks the security but he says that a lot of people have been here since it’s Diwali so he can’t keep a track of everyone. Raman holds him by his collar in anger but everyone else calm him down. Later, Karan talks to Ruhi but doesn’t tell her about the bomb. He tells Yug that he should wait back here in case there’s any other problem. Ishita allows Karan to stay but she asks him to inform Sudha because she was worried about him. 


Later, they all decide to play charades to lighten the mood. Raman refuses to play but sits silently to just watch. They make teams and take turns to play. At one point, Ishita takes the turn and gestures her team the clue. She doesn’t mime correctly and her team doesn’t understand what she’s trying to say. Raman sees her performing so badly that he interrupts her to play the game himself. He manages to communicate properly and the girls team wins the point. Next morning, Aliya wakes up Yug for the Abhyang Snan. Ishita makes all the arrangements for the ritual and Raman and Yug arrive in dhoti. They awkwardly stumble and sit for the ritual. As Ishita goes to apply hot oil, she burns her fingers. Aliya applies ointment on her hand and Raman tells her that she will let him do all her work for the day. Aliya proceeds with the rituals and applies the paste on Yug. 


After the ritual, Aliya asks Yug for her gift but he tells her that he didn’t get her anything. Aliya forgives him but warns him to get one next year. Meanwhile, Arijit remembers the good times he spent with Neeti and his wife. Suddenly, he gets a call from Bhuvan. As he asks about neeti’s wellbeing, bhuvan informs him that Neeti has left the house. Arijit panics and threatens to kill them if they don’t find out where Neeti is. Thia takes the phone and tells Arijit that when they inquired around they found out that some people saw her get on the bus that goes to Delhi. Arijit gets extremely unstable and uncontrollable. He calls someone and informs that person that Neeti has gone missing and she has boarded a bus that comes to Delhi. He decides to go and look for her himself. Meanwhile, Ishita ask Yug why didn’t he get a gift for Aliya. Yug shows her the earrings he brought for Aliya but didn’t give it to her because he wanted to surprise her. Later, as Yug goes to hide the earrings where Aliya can find them he opens the drawer and sees some ultrasound photos. He assumes that Aliya is pregnant and gets overjoyed as he doesn’t know that they belong to Aliya’s friend. He realises that Aliya was trying to tell him the same thing earlier. He gets extremely excited but decides to contain his excitement as he doesn’t want to ruin their private moment as the family doesn’t know anything yet. He decides to plan something big for Aliya and surprise her. 

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