Yeh Hai Mohabbatein October 10, 2019 Written Update: Mani remembers Neeti Guha

Today in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Ishita gets forbidden from meeting Neeti. She tells Mani about Neeti and he recalls Neeti’s connection with Urja Associates.
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein October 10, 2019 Written Update: Mani remembers Neeti GuhaYeh Hai Mohabbatein October 10, 2019 Written Update: Mani remembers Neeti Guha
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In today’s episode, Ishita leaves Neeti’s room as she begins to panic. Arijit and Bhuvan hide and watch the nurse take care of Neeti. Bhuvan tells Arijit that the nurse is taking care of Neeti very well and they should leave from there before anyone catches them. Arijit lashes out at bhuvana and refuses to leave. Bhuvan asks him why is he getting overly emotional over his friend’s daughter. Arijit realises that he should leave. Ishita tells Mihika what happened with Neeti. Mihika suggests her to not put herself into more trouble. Later, Bhuvan meets up with Sunil. Sunil tells him about Natasha’s arrest and requests him to talk to Arijit and help them. Bhuvan calls Arijit and informs him that Sunil is desperate enough to do anything for them. Arijit asks him to tell him what needs to be done. 


Later, Ruhi and Raman arrive at the hospital. As Mihika and Ishita were about to leave, a nurse arrives and strictly informs Ishita to not visit Neeti again or try to help her in any way. She tells her that these are strict orders from the doctor after what happened at night. After the nurse leaves, Raman asks Ishita what had happened. Mihika and Ishita try to avoid telling the truth to Raman but eventually they tell him. Raman gets annoyed at Ishita’s behaviour. Mihika and Ishita leave and go home. They perform a veneration for Navratri and discuss how Pihu loved Navratri so much. Aliya decides to go to the hospital. Soon, Mani arrives there. He gets shocked to know about Santoshi being in the hospital and nobody informing him about it. 


He sees that something else is worrying Ishita so he sits down to talk to her. Ishita tells him about Neeti. Aliya joins them and tells Ishita that Raman’s anger will cool down so she needn’t worry. Mani asks Ishita Neeti’s full name again. He feels like he has heard it before. Aliya tells him that she felt the same when she heard Neeti’s name. He remembers that he had heard his name in connection to Uriah’s Associates who were using his locker illegally. He thinks that Neeti might have some connection with Ishita’s kidnapping and other things that happened. They decide to find out more from Neeti’s caretaker who can lead them to her father. Later, Bhuvan sends Sunil in disguise to the hospital as an IT person. As he waits outside, he sees Mani, Ishita and Aliya arriving there and overhears them talking about Neeti. He informs Arijit about this while Sunil carries out their plan and deletes records from the hospital’s computer. 

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