Yeh Hai Mohabbatein October 11, 2019 Written Update: Arijit takes Neeti away

Today in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Arijit outsmarts Ishita and as his plan works out perfectly he takes Neeti home. The Bhallas become suspicious of who Neeti is and her connection with Ishita.
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein October 11, 2019 Written Update: Arijit takes Neeti awayYeh Hai Mohabbatein October 11, 2019 Written Update: Arijit takes Neeti away
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In today’s episode, Mani, Ishita and Aaliya arrive to see Neeti Guha but they get stopped from meeting her. Meanwhile, Bhuvan instructs Sunil to do as he says to delete all the data from the hospital’s records. Suddenly, the fire alarm goes off and everybody begins to exit the hospital in panic. Raman and everyone else get Santoshi out and they all exit the premises. Ishita wait outside and sees that Neeti hasn’t come out yet. She gets worried and asks Raman if they should go in and check. A nurse informs them that the fire alarm was false and there’s no fire in the building so they can take the patient back to her room. 


Mani, Ishita and Raman immediately rush to Neeti’s room and they find it empty. They call the doctor and he’s surprised to see the room empty too. Ishita tells him that she suspects that someone had deliberately set off the fire alarm to take Neeti away from here. They ask the doctor if they can check Neeti’s records to find something out. As they approach the IT department, the man there tells them that all the hospital’s data has been deleted. Raman checks the computer and sees that the data has been deleted due to some virus. The man there told them that someone had come to check the computer a while ago. Raman realises that the person installed a virus on the computer because of which all the data got deleted. Meanwhile, Arijit and Bhuvan take Neeti home with Nurse Thia. Sunil calls them up to get his work done.


Later, the Bhalla worry who could be so cunning to always stay one step ahead of them. The doctor comes and asks Ishita if she knew Neeti. He tells her that Neeti reacted to her as if she had some connection with her. He tells them about her accident that led to the trauma. Ishita confirms that she hasn’t seen Neeti ever before. Meanwhile, Arijit lies to Nurse Thia and tells her that his wife died because of the Bhallas and now they want to kill his daughter too because of which he had to bring her home. He gets paranoid as the Bhallas know their address so Neeti isn’t safe here either. Thia suggests to keep Neeti at her house. Arijit thanks her and agrees. Meanwhile, the doctor’s give discharge to Santoshi as she wanted to go home for the Navratri veneration and had recovered enough. Later, as Arijit and Thia are about to take Neeti to Thia’s house, Sunil arrives at the door and pleads Arijit to help him get Natasha out from the jail. Arijit promises to help him and sends him away. Ishita later asks the doctor to give her any information they find about Neeti as she needs to know what is her connection with Neeti. 


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