Yeh Hai Mohabbatein October 22, 2019 Written Update: Yug signs his resignation

Today in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Arijit plots against Yug and with Malhotra’s help, makes him resign from Bhalla Industries.
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein October 22, 2019 Written Update: Yug signs his resignation Yeh Hai Mohabbatein October 22, 2019 Written Update: Yug signs his resignation
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In today’s episode, Omprakash calms Raman down and tells him that he had run away too when initially his business had occurred a loss. He reminds him how they had put their house papers at stake and Raman had left the house until he was successful in bringing back the property papers. Omprakash reminds him how they trusted him and he should do the same with Yug. Ishit suggests Raman to give Yug some space while they take their time to think of solutions too. Meanwhile, Yug feels bad that nobody called him or Aliya to ask them to come back. Mani makes breakfasts for them and asks them to cheer up. Karan arrives at Mani’s house with breakfast too.


He tells Yug that Ishita and Ruhi sent vadas for him. But Yug sees chillies in the vada and gets angry at Karan for lying. He tells her that they know he doesn’t like chillies and accuses Karan for lying and supporting them. Karan tries to make him understand that he was just trying to make him come talk to everyone. In the middle of this, Yug gets a call and rushes to the office. Mani and Karan follow him. As everyone reaches the office, they question Mr. Malhotra as to why he has called up an investors meeting. Malhotra asks Yug to resign as COO as they don’t trust him anymore and Raman wouldn’t take any action against him for the mistake he has done. Yug signs the papers without discussing it with anyone and leaves from there immediately. 


Karan and Ruhi stop him and try to talk to him. Ruhi scolds him for taking such rash decisions. Yug fights with Ruhi too and tells her that this is probably what Raman wanted as he didn’t even stand up for him when the investor was insulting him. Mani comes looking for him and Karan and Ruhi tell him that Yug left. Mani asks them to stay with Raman while takes care of Yug. Ishita asks Raman to calm down as he should realise that Yug resigned so that the investors don’t cause him any trouble. Raman finds out that Yug again went to stay at Mani’s place and gets annoyed at his cowardice. Ishita asks him if he wants to come along with her to confront Yug. Meanwhile, Sunil brings Tara home and she barges into the house and drinks up the tea Natasha had prepared for herself. Natasha gets angry but Sunil takes her to the kitchen and explains her that Tara doesn’t know how to cook and Arijit doesn’t have any servants so he had to bring her here. Natasha gets frustrated and asks Sunil to get Tara out as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Yug tells Aliya that he resigned and Raman stood there silently as he got insulted by the investors. Aliya believes that there might be some confusion but Yug makes her promise to not call anybody if she trusts him.

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