Yeh Hai Mohabbatein October 8, 2019 Written Update: Ishita helps Neeti

Today in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Neeti gets a severe panic attack and Ishita helps her calm down while Arijit hides in another room helplessly.
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein October 8, 2019 Written Update: Ishita helps NeetiYeh Hai Mohabbatein October 8, 2019 Written Update: Ishita helps Neeti
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In today’s episode, Ishita talks to Neeti’s nurse and asks her what’s her name and what has happened to Neeti. The nurse tells Ishita that the patient’s name is Neeti Guha and she is suffering from some psychological trauma. Ishita feels sad for Neeti as the nurse takes her away, she shares it with Raman as he asks her what happened. Meanwhile, Arijit panics as he doesn’t see Neeti or her nurse at home. He repeatedly calls the nurse in anger. He lashes out on her when she tells him that she brought Neeti to a hospital. The nurse tells him that she cannot talk to him right now as Neeti was getting an attack again but he keeps on arguing with the nurse and scolding her. Sudha and Karan come to the hospital to see Santoshi. As they pass by Neeti’s nurse, Sudha hears her mention Arijit’s name. Arijit keeps on yelling at the nurse to which she fights back and tells Arijit that she’s not his servant and she was only carrying out her responsibility. She asks him to not speak rudely to her and come to the hospital immediately.


Santoshi wakes up but still feels a little dizzy. Omprakash, Raman and Yug lighten her mood up. Later, Raman and Ishita decide to stay back with Santoshi. Everyone decides to leave. Arijit arrives at the hospital and hurriedly asks the nurse on the reception to tell him Neeti’s room number. He turns around to see the entire Bhalla family walking out. He quickly goes to hide near a pillar and pretends to read from a file. As everyone passes by, Karan stops and notices Arijit but isn’t sure if it’s him since his back was facing Karan. He attempts to get a closer look but Ruhi calls him and asks him to come quickly. 


After Karan leaves, Arijit rushes to Neeti’s room. He checks up on Neeti and calls her caretaker aside. He scolds her for bringing Neeti here without asking him. The doctor arrives there and asks Arijit to thank the nurse because if she wouldn’t have brought Neeti here in time her condition would have worsened. Later, Arijit asks the nurse to get Neeti back home. Meanwhile, Sunil gets worried and thinks about what to do. Mr. Roy comes to inform Sunil that Natasha has been trying to call him but his phone is switched off. He urges Sunil to get Natasha a lawyer immediately and go to meet her. Later, the nurse tells Arijit that she won’t get Neeti discharged from here. She asks him to speak to the authorities himself since he has a problem with the doctors and the hospital. Arijit gets agitated and yells at the nurse for being arrogant. Neeti hears him and gets a panic attack again. She clenched her mouth and begins to throw a fit. 


Raman gets on a conference call with Ruhi and Mr. Mulchandani. Ishita sees Santoshi sleeping and decides to take a stroll. As she steps out, she sees Neeti’s nurse looking for a dentist or any other doctor on duty. She approaches her and says that she’s a dentist and she and she can help. Arijit tries to calm Neeti down. His puts his hand into Neeti’s mouth to stop her from clenching it as it had begun to bleed. Before going into Neeti’s room, Ishita asks the nurse to tell her what had happened with Neeti so that she can diagnose her properly. Arijit sees Ishita outside and realises he has to away before she sees him there. Another nurse keeps Ishita waiting as she goes to get her some medical gloves. Ishita enters the room and asks Neeti’s caretaker why did she leave Neeti alone in such a condition. Arijit hides in an adjacent room and listens to them. The caretaker tells her that Neeti’s father was here which is why she left to call for help. Ishita calms Neeti down and instructs her caretaker to rub ice on her teeth and gums to heal the bleeding. The doctor arrives there and thanks Ishita. Arijit feels bad for not being there besides Neeti when she needed him the most. He blames Ishita for everything and decides to take revenge for every pain she has caused to his daughter.  

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