Yeh Hai Mohabbatein October 9, 2019 Written Update: Ishita tries to help Neeti

Today in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Ishita sympathises with Neeti while Raman suggests her to stay away from more trouble. Later, she tries to help Neeti as she sees someone entering her room.
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein October 9, 2019 Written Update: Ishita tries to help Neeti Yeh Hai Mohabbatein October 9, 2019 Written Update: Ishita tries to help Neeti
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In today’s episode, Sunil visits Natasha in prison and tells her that someone had blackmailed him to give his statement against her. Natasha suggests him to let the police know but Sunil tells her that the blackmailer had threatened to harm her and they parents so he cannot take that risk. As Sunil leaves, he wonders how will he get Natasha out without getting trapped and confessing about the murder. Meanwhile, Raman notices that Ishita is distressed. She tells him that she is worried about the girl Neeti as she is all alone. Omprakash arrives there and joins the conversation. Raman and him suggest Ishita to not get herself in another problem again as the family is facing enough problems already. Ishita is upset with how Neeti’s father left her alone when she needed him the most.


Neeti’s nurse apologises to her for arguing with her father. As she goes to contact Arijit, she sees his message that reads that he is going to Delhi for a few days so he won’t be available. She gets furious at his behaviour. Arijit dresses his wound from Neeti’s bite mark. He gets angry at Ishita for bringing in so much pain into their lives. He gets a message from Neeti’s nurse in which she expresses her disappointment with his irresponsible behaviour and tells him that she will take care of Neeti on her own. Arijit gets furious at her and messages her back that she is not doing a favour on him because he’s paying her to do her job. Later, he realises that it’s important to get Neeti out of the hospital. He calls up Bhuvan and asks him to meet. 


Ishita and Raman go home and Ishita tells Aliya all about Neeti. Aliya too thinks that her condition is upsetting but Raman asks her to not encourage Ishita to do anything. Ishita gets up to go to her room. She calls the hospital and tries to get the number of Neeti’s father but the receptionist refuses to give any information. Raman and Aliya stand by the door and listen to her. Raman asks Aliya to give him his Rs. 500 as he won. They tell Ishita that Raman had bet that Ishita would go to her room and immediately call the hospital to get Neeti’s father’s number. Meanwhile, Arijit asks Bhuvan how he should get Neeti out of the hospital without anyone noticing. He refers to her as his friend’s daughter but gets agitated as Bhuvan says something silly about her. Bhuvan suggests that they sneak her out at night while wearing staff clothes. At night as they sneak into Neeti’s room, Ishita sees them while looking for a nurse. She goes to check who entered Neeti’s room but doesn’t find anyone. Neeti begins to panic and points towards the place Arijit and Bhuvan are hiding. Her caretaker and other nurses arrive there too and try to calm her down. They don’t realise what she’s pointing at because the room Arijit and Bhuvan hid in is right behind Ishita, so everyone thinks she just panicked looking at Ishita. Ishita tells her caretaker that she saw someone coming in here. 

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