Yeh Hai Mohabbatein September 11, 2019 Written Update: Raman’s shocking plan

Today in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Natasha acts helpless in front of the society chairman to gain his sympathy while accusing the Bhallas of torturing her. Later, Raman suggests a shocking plan to get rid of Natasha.
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein September 11, 2019 Written Update: Raman’s shocking planYeh Hai Mohabbatein September 11, 2019 Written Update: Raman’s shocking plan
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In today’s episode, Arijit warns Natasha and Sunil that the Bhallas will talk to the chairman against them and they prepare themselves to face them. Vishwa talks to the chairman and Karan tells him how Natasha and Sunil are here to torture Raman. The chairman tells them that all their papers were clear plus Sunil told him that Natasha was ill so they needed a place nearby the hospital so out of sympathy he gave them the NOC. Natasha and Sunil arrive there and begin to fight again. Karan, Yug and Vishwa tell the chairman that they are liars and are just here to harass them. The chairman says that nothing can be done now and they need to sort this issue on their own. 


Next day, everyone notices that Raman is still stressed about the issue. Omprakash brings Raman’s favourite Samosa for breakfast and tries to cheer him up. He refuses to eat initially but agrees when Santosh persuades him. As he is about to take a bite, Natasha interrupts him and stops him. He reminds him that he hates samosa’s. Raman gets furious and throws her out of the house. Seeing the chairman in the lobby, Natasha begins to pretend as if Ishita is not letting her meet Raman. She acts like a damsel in distress and asks Mr. Goel to help her. Sunil arrives there and after a while Natasha faints. He blames Ishita for being so insensitive towards Natasha even though she knows she’s ill. He asks Mr. Goel to help him take her to their house. 


Sunil tells Mr. Goel that Natasha was admitted to City Hospital and Dr. Bakshi was treating her. Everybody gathers at home to discuss what is to be done. Suddenly, Arijit shows up at the Bhalla house. Everyone except Raman and Ishita leave from the living room to avoid him. He comes and tells Raman that they need to start the project soon, as the investors are threatening to take their money back. Raman tells him that they will discuss this in office. Arijit leaves. He sees Mani arrive in the lobby and pretends to get a call from Mr Malhotra. He pretends to convince the investor about the project. Mani and Shagun hear him. Arijit acts surprised on seeing them and asks Amani to come for the meeting with the investors later and leaves. Later, Raman suggests to the family that he should pretend to be Shardul to find out the motive Natasha has in mind. Everyone feels like it’s too risky but Ishita says that it’s the only way to get to Natasha. Later, Mihika and Simmi discuss about asking Mrs. Goel if she knows anything about Natasha. Next day, Raman presents the plan for the project implementation. Arijit suggests him to begin with the plant in Maharashtra but Raman refuses and suggest that they begin with the Haryana plan. His logical explanation behind doing so convinces everyone of his strong business skills.

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