Yeh Hai Mohabbatein September 12, 2019 Written Update: Yug investigates about Natasha

Today in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Mihika and Simmi find out information about Natasha and ask Yug to crosscheck if she was telling the truth about being in the hospital.
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein September 12, 2019 Written Update: Yug investigates about NatashaYeh Hai Mohabbatein September 12, 2019 Written Update: Yug investigates about Natasha
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In today’s episode, Mihika and Simmi see the perfect opportunity and go to talk to Mrs. Goel about Natasha. As they get there with some kheer for her, they notice that she seems a little upset with them. She tells them that they have been so close yet they didn’t tell her anything about the problems their family was facing. Mihika and Simmi try to make her understand the situation and ask her for help with getting information about Natasha. Mrs. Goel agrees and brings them Natasha’s documents. They find out that she was admitted in Dublin hospital. They call up Yug and ask him to check the records there. 


Yug finds the hospital and tries to get information from the receptionist but she refuses to share any details of the patient. Later, he finds his old friend there. He works in the lab of the hospital. He takes Yug to the canteen to have a chat. Yug tells him about the problems they are facing. He asks him for a favour and requests him to find about information about Natasha. Meanwhile, Arijit gets anxious and calls Natasha up and tells her that she needs to do something dramatic because Raman seems to be carefree about the issue. Natasha tells him that she has something big planned already. Later, Yug’s friend tells him that there is no such patient under the name Natasha Sinha. Yug leaves from the hospital confused and informs Ishika, Raman and Ruhi about what he found out. Later, Aliya calls Yug to pick her up from the slums.  


On his way, Yug sees Sunil and Natasha leaving from Happy Health Nursing Home. He decides to go in and investigate. Arijit is at the same hospital spending time with Neeti. The nurse asks him to go out for a while as she needs to change Neeti’s clothes. Yug tells the receptionist that he is Natasha Sinha’s cousin and asks if they left from here. She informs him that they just did. Yug asks her to let him speak to Natasha’s doctor as he needs to tell him something that can help Natasha cure faster. She asks him to wait as the doctor is busy. 


Later when she calls for Yug, Arijit sees him. He wonders why is he here and follows him. He hears Yug talk to the doctor as Natasha’s cousin trying to find out information about her. He decides to do something to stop him. He goes to Neeti’s room and gets extremely angry at the nurse for not giving proper attention to his daughter. He creates a scene there and asks her to immediately call the doctor. Before the doctor could tell anything to Yug he gets interrupted and leaves to see what’s wrong with Arijit. Arijit locks up the room and begins to panic in front of the doctor. He tells him to get rid of the man who came to talk to him because he is the reason behind Neeti’s condition. The doctor asks him to relax and asks the nurse to send Yug out. Yug leaves confused. He goes home and tells everyone what happened. Raman suspects that the person who tried to kill him is still around and is helping Natasha and Sunil. 



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