Yeh Hai Mohabbatein September 18, 2019 Written Update: Yug gets himself in trouble

Today in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Raman lays another trap and invites Natasha for lunch. Later, Yug finds that someone stabbed Dr. Mishra but everyone accuses him of murder.
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein September 18, 2019 Written Update: Yug gets himself in troubleYeh Hai Mohabbatein September 18, 2019 Written Update: Yug gets himself in trouble
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In today’s episode, Yug listens to Ishita as she is awake and worried about Raman. He tells her that they are trying to find out about Natasha’s and soon they will definitely find something. Next morning, everyone suggests Raman to call Natasha to meet for lunch. Ishita texts her on behalf of him as Raman is too nervous and scared of Natasha. Natasha doesn’t respond immediately. They all go to have breakfast while leaving Raman’s phone behind. Meanwhile, Yug asks Karan to find the doctors evidential address. Karan tells him that they won’t find any information there as doctors keep their files at the hospital usually. He still assures him that he will find it and also advises him to not take any steps in haste and be patient. 


Later, Arijit repeatedly calls Natasha and disrupts her sleep. He gets furious when he finds out that she’s still sleeping. He asks her to do something soon but Natasha tells him to not give him orders as she knows what to do. She also tells her about the text she received from Raman about lunch. She says that she is going to wait before responding to him to confuse him. Arijit cuts the call and gets furious at Natasha’s attitude. He receives a message from Ishita asking to meet to discuss the project. He forwards it to Natasha to inform her that Ishita will be busy.Later, Karan asks Sudha if she found anything about the doctor. She tells him that both the doctors are not available. Soon, she gets a call and informs Karan that they found the residential address of Natasha’s doctor. 


Meanwhile, Natasha agrees for lunch and texts Raman. They all decide to call her to a cafe where Aliya and Simmi will be present too. Yug goes out to call Aliya to inform them. He gets a call from Karan about the doctors address. He tells Yug that they will leave after attending the meeting. Arijit overhears Yug talking about the doctor. Arijit and everyone meet and discuss the project. Raman pretends to have a headache and Ishita suggest him to go home and rest. Arijit thinks to himself how he is one step ahead of them as he knows their plan. Yug leaves with Raman to drop him. Later, Karan tells Ruhi about the address they found and asks her to be cautious that Ishita doesn’t know about this. Yug gets a call from Bhuvan who pretends to be Dr. Mishra to come meet him at his house and sends him his address. Yug thinks Karan has already talked to the doctor. He tries to call Karan but he doesn’t pick up. He leaves Karan a message and goes to the doctor’s house alone. Karan sees the message later and worries that it could be dangerous for Yug to go there alone. Yug arrives at the address and finds that someone stabbed Dr. Mishra. He tries to help him as he’s still arrive and removes the knife from his body. Karan arrives there and sees Yug with a knife in his hand and Dr. Mishra lying dead. Neighbours arrive and accuse Yug of murdering the doctor. Yug tries to explain them that he didn’t murder the doctor but they don’t listen to him. 

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