Yeh Hai Mohabbatein September 9, 2019 Written Update: Natasha’s plan backfires

Today in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Natasha calls the police to show everyone the DNA test results and prove that Raman is Shardul but her attempt backfires as the results prove otherwise.
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein September 9, 2019 Written Update: Natasha’s plan backfiresYeh Hai Mohabbatein September 9, 2019 Written Update: Natasha’s plan backfires
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In today’s episode, Simmi gets annoyed as Mihika offers Natasha and Sunil to have breakfast with them. Ishita asks her why is she upsets. Simmi tells her how nice Mihika was being to Natasha and Sunil. Mihika justifies her behaviour and tells her that this way she can find out more information about them. She can talk to Natasha and distract her while Simmi can go to her room and find out something about them from their belongings. Later, Aliya notices Mihika and Simmi waiting at the door and suspects that they are up to something. She asks them and they tell her about their plan. 


Aliya tells them that she can help by making up an excuse of wanting space to keep the samples of her project in their room. While Simmi and her enter Natasha’s room to do this, Mihika can distract her so that they can check her belongings. Arijit calls up to get the DNA test results but they tell him that it will take some time. He also remembers that he forgot to visit Neeti because of all this mess. Later, Simmi, Aliya and Ruhi arrive with huge bags full of clothes and enter Natasha’s room. Simmi tells her Natasha that they’re here to find a place to keep these bags. She gets agitated when Natasha accuses them of doing this deliberately. Mihika arrives and calms them down. They begin to look for a place and Mihika tries to take Natasha out of the room but she doesn’t budge. Simmi accidentally drops a bag on Natasha’s feet and injures her. Mihika takes her out to get some ice for her feet. 


As she leaves, Simmi, Ruhi and Aliya begin to check Natasha’s bags but they don’t find anything besides clothes. Natasha returns and catches them looking through her bags. She confidently asks them to check anything else if they want because she was prepared for such a thing to happen. Later, Raman suggests that to make a call to the commissioner who can help them out. Natasha and Sunil arrive in the Bhalla house with the police. Natasha tells everyone that she has the DNA test results that can prove that this man is Shardul and not Raman. Everyone thinks she’s lying but she tells them that she had taken Raman’s hair strand as a sample for the test. Raman remembers when Natasha hugged him forcefully and figures that’s when she would’ve taken his hair sample. She hands the report to the inspector. He sees it and says that the report declares this man as Raman Bhalla. Natasha is flabbergasted. She begins to accuse Ishita of changing the report and the cops of being bribed to be against them. The inspector tells her to stay in her limits as he can arrest her. He also tells her that she has taken a DNA test without Raman’s permission which can be used against her. She throws a fit and Sunil holds her back from getting physically violent. He takes her away as she screams that she won’t leave so easily without her husband. Later, the family feels relieved but sees that Raman is still worried. Ishita asks him what’s wrong. He tells her that luckily Natasha didn’t tamper the report or else everyone would have begun doubting his identity again. He feels scared that someone might prove him wrong and he would have to leave the family. Everyone gathers around him and hugs him to show their support. They tell him that they will not let anyone question his identity again. 

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